Curious omens and superstition foreign students

why Poles did not put the cover on the record book, what is in the student's environment France analogue of our "No Good luck" that they take with them to the exam Japanese students, and something else ...

Polish students believe thatit is better not to wear a cover record book until the first session put such cover can not be, not only to wear, but also to buy in advance, because you can put the evil eye, and it will become unnecessary.

In addition, the last page of record book should be bent.On this page is a plaque stating the reason for dropping out of high school, usually something like "lack of satisfactory progress in training."One such account cancels all future student, so it's best to protect yourself from this by bending the last page.

Another Polish superstition associated with the record book, suggests that it can not be taken out of the city, where you learn.This applies mainly students from the villages, or those who are studying in another city.It is believed that if leaving the city to pick up record book with you, it will be your last trip to the record book in his hands and back to school you will not have to.It is expected that this prejudice come up with Warsaw students to make fun of the newcomers, or, some people think it was thought up by visiting students to their "success" did not see the parents at home.But in any case, Polish students prefer not to risk and not to take record book with you.


MIT students rub the nose of the statue of the inventor of modern photographic film by George Eastman / George Eastman before each exam.University of Michigan-year students try not to step on a stone letter M, laid on the square in the center of the campus, so as not to fail the exams.One of the statues at Yale University lost the left foot, as students rubbed it over carefully to get the best grades.

Students who protect the interests of the sport institution of higher education baseball, strictly nastrogo brush their teeth before going into battle and chew licorice during the break.And golfers are coins in the pocket.


among the students of France analogue of our "No Good luck" sounds too prosaic for the French - Merde!(Shit!).So much for the gallant nation ... However.There are two explanations for this unpretentious replica (which, incidentally, is also not in any case to answer "thank you"): mathematical - minus by minus gives you plus - and historical: in the old days, if the prime minister at the theater succeeded, comes a lot of spectators, mostlyin carriages, and the sidewalk in front of the theater was covered with horse manure.So Merde for the actors was a good omen, associated with success and sold out respectively.And then the word came to be used in the student's environment.


Japanese students take with them to the exams chocolate bar Kit Kat as a mascot.This unusual choice due to the fact that the expression "sure win» («kitto katsu» in Japanese) is consonant with the name of the sweet product.


One of the models of classic men's shoes Penny Loafer owes its name to the student superstition.In the tongue of shoes made a special slot, which put a coin.According to one tradition students pennies (or any other coin) to hide in a shoe before the exam to the ticket I got easier, and the teacher - kinder.Some, however, believe that it is better not to put a coin and bill (or better - a few).And not in the shoe, and gradebook.