Ventilation in the bathroom and toilet: how to make your own hands?

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to human health is not enough to monitor the quality of food they consumed liquid.Much attention should be paid also to air in our rooms.Unfortunately, few people think about the fact that it is important not less than good food and water.

That environmental situation that is emerging in the polluted large cities do not allow their residents corny ventilated areas.The most acceptable solution to this problem will be the installation of ventilation.The influx of fresh air will reduce the probability of occurrence of headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, and will also serve as prevention of allergies.

adequate ventilation in the bathroom

During the construction of residential buildings ventilation in the bathroom and the toilet is installed, as a rule, of course.However, it is clearly not enough to consistently provide the normal level of freshness and purity of the air in these rooms.So, in the shower bathroom is filled with steam immediately.In the absence of it in normal air moisture accumulates on the ceiling and walls.In the future, this factor will affect the appearance of black spots and mold.And this is very bad for your health.

mold spores in the air bathroom, can settle in the lungs of humans and cause the development of diseases such as allergies, asthma, and so on.. In addition, black spots gradually destroy finishes, getting to the concrete.That is why to install a normally functioning ventilation system should be at his house each.

Check of

Sometimes it happens that the natural ventilation in the bathroom and toilet works quite well.That is why before installing a new system, you must check whether your existing one.Make it a snap.Moreover, no additional tools that are needed.It is enough to bring a piece of paper directly to the ventilation grille.The sheet must adhere thereto under the action of moving air.If this does not happen, we can say that the hood is not working.Sometimes the cause of such a state can be a very tight door to the bathroom or toilet.In this case, the air flow is not provided in a bathroom in the right amount.It also requires inspection.If the door is closed hood is working and at the open - not, you can just make the gap between the floor and the door leaf.

principle of operation of the ventilation system

Air exchange in private houses and apartment buildings made of different schemes.In small residential buildings separate ventilation channels are displayed on the roof of the kitchen, toilet and bath.Another scheme is designed in homes.Here the air is collected in a common channel outputted to the roof.If the home is provided with forced ventilation, the builders install special systems equipped with sensors.Such equipment closes or opens the valve when it becomes necessary.

When you need to install artificial ventilation?

work mounted in the house ventilation system may not operate correctly if there are:

- errors in the design or installation;
- accumulation of debris in the air ducts;
- damage to the system during repair, etc.. D.

Selecting fan

Before installing the forced air system must be purchased the required device.He is an electric fan.When choosing a device, note:

  • noise during start (it should not be higher than 30 dB);
  • power unit (chosen depending on the size of the room).

to be identified and to the place where it will be installed.It should be away from any electrical heaters.The ventilation system is equipped with a bathroom quality insulation used in electric wires.This warning is caused by an increased level of humidity in the room.

Types fans

These devices may be of the following types:

  • connect to the switches (their work is carried out only when the room lights will be lit);
  • equipped with sensors (including them automatically in case of excess of the standard value of humidity);
  • timer, set the time of their work.

Forced ventilation in the bathroom and the toilet is arranged with the help of different models of devices.And each of them has its own design features.So, the fans are:

1. (propeller).This is the most simple model.

2. Radial.This type of device capable of providing a high pressure in the room.

3. Diagonal.This model combines the functions of the previous two.

4. Diametrically.The fans are able to work with a large volume of air passing through the air flow around the perimeter of the wheel.


new system Forced ventilation in the bathroom can be made with their own hands.And the work is not particularly difficult.First of all, it should be made by the vent duct and clean it, if necessary, from debris.One who will not be able to install a new fan, we recommend a different option.You can simply withdraw from the old channel several meters of new, relevant materials acquired in the hardware store.

When the device electric fan should define the place where it is best to install.Ideally, this should be a wall, located opposite the door.

Mounting the fan is carried out directly into the opening of the exhaust channel.If your device has a larger diameter, the hole will have more to expand.After that must be carefully connected all the electrical wires.Thus they should be placed in a dry place (so that they are not visible).In the next stage of the work unit is connected to the switch and is attached with screws to the grating or liquid nails.

Options exhaust system

As a rule, is the channel through which the ventilation in the toilet.Scheme of the air between the room and the bathroom can be accomplished in two ways.The first of these involves the laying of a separate ventilation pipe.It should be located in zapotolochnoe space and go to the bathroom vent channel.The second option involves the installation of two separate fans.

One of them must be on vozduhootvonom channel, and the second - in the wall between the bathroom and toilet.

The most common ventilation in the bathroom "Stalinka" is arranged in the first embodiment.Such a decision contributes to the ceiling height in such apartments, which is 3-3.5 m. Forced ventilation in the bathroom made with the laying of additional air.This design is mounted under the ceiling and closed with plasterboard.This ventilation in the bathroom is carried by a flexible, semi-rigid or rigid duct.

ventilation in the toilet

quality ventilation is important not only in the bathroom.Normal air circulation is necessary and in the toilet.She will not feel discomfort from the operation of sewerage systems and will prevent mildew by reducing humidity in the room.Often require mechanical ventilation in the toilet of a private house.This need arises when there is no natural air circulation due to the lack of sufficient wind speed in the area where the home is, high ambient temperature and other factors.

How to ventilation in the toilet (forced type)?To do this, examine the diagram of a device existing duct.Sometimes it may be output directly to the toilet.But often the ventilation in the bathroom and the toilet is made from a box located in the bathroom.In this case, between the two facilities should be opening, closing.

In the first case, the fan can be installed directly on the box.In the second embodiment, the exhaust circuit arrangement required additional airway.