The stuffing squid.

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squid - a product of the sea, which can often be seen on store shelves, but how and what can be cooked out of it?The first thing that comes to mind - salads.But squid can cook yummy very different: they can be stewed, baked, marinated and even cooking soups.Perhaps one of the reasons why such products in our shopping basket do not appear often - lack of knowledge about the technology of making this fractious product.

Today we will try to correct this error.Let us dwell on the culinary direction which will create a clam several types of dishes: hot dishes and cold snacks.And for this you will need quite a bit - learn squid stuffed.As such, they can be baked in the oven, or simply chill out and cut - so at your table will be a huge variety of new dishes.The squid stuff, how to make good for this stuffing and how to present a great treat for the festive table - this is what we'll talk today.

How to Boil squid

Many people know that before using squid in cooking, it is necessary to boil.But the thing - each hostess does it in his own way and claims that the surest way to her.Some recommend cooking clam 30 seconds, other - 5 minutes, and some - up to half an hour.In fact, it is a matter of taste, recognized by many chefs do not recommend carcass boil, and a pickle, and so serve with the sauce.It had fresh meat the most intense flavor, aroma, and it is gentle.Raw meat mollusk assimilated very well, but if you do not like sushi, and this option is you have an aversion before stuffing squid, lightly boil them.

Preparation for stuffing

In fact, boil the carcass in boiling water should be no more than 2 minutes, so they have time to boil, but the meat is not transformed into a piece of rubber.Omit the squid in boiling water after boiling the water you need, pre-salt and add spices (bay leaf and peppercorns).If for some reason you are overdone meat - they do not worry.Boil the carcass about 30 minutes - and they will return softness, although the size at the same time significantly reduced.

If you are planning a bake the dish in the oven or fry in oil carcass, then, before you stuff the squid, they can not boil.They are well baked through and the meat is certainly not stay moist, but on the contrary, be gentle.But if further heat treatment is not followed - boil the carcass couple of minutes.

Farshiruem baking

dwell on several versions of what stuff the squid for baking or roasting later.To do this, you will need to zafarshirovat carcass is not very tight, or when baking the stuffing will follow.Lubricate the mayonnaise or sauce prepared in advance and send it in the oven.

stuffed vegetables

What can be filled with squid?Vegetables, for example.This recipe is very simple and will not take much time to prepare.Take some fresh mushrooms, a couple of tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, medium onion, a good handful of chopped cabbage, a few feathers green onions.All the ingredients are finely chop, fry in a skillet with vegetable oil, podsolite, add a little ground pepper.Let the stuffing cool.Now zafarshiruyte carcass and place them on a greased baking butter.Top kalmarchiki sprinkle a little salt and sugar.Send a baking sheet in preheated oven for 15 minutes.Serve with vinegar and soy sauce.

Stuffed with minced meat

Perhaps one of the best options for what you can stuff the squid - is mincemeat.Meat can take any: chicken or veal, in general, what is more to your taste you.Take a fresh morkovochku, onion, medium tomato, a few cloves of garlic.Fry in a pan chopped vegetables that are soft - enter the stuffing.Stirring constantly, fry until slightly brown color.Season with salt, add spices and a tablespoon of the flour, the weight should be slightly viscous.Cool filling.Carcasses zafarshiruyte, seal it with the open end of a toothpick.After a dip squid in beaten egg, then in bread crumbs (flour or semolina), fry in a deep frying pan in a large amount of oil stuffed squid.Recipe quickly and permanently settle among the favorite in your family.The dish is hearty, delicious and flavorful.Squids are delicious hot and cold the next day as a snack.

Mince mushrooms and rice with cheese

Squid stuffed with rice and mushrooms - a great dish.All products have a delicate flavor and aroma perfectly accentuate each other.In half a cup of cooked rice, take 300 grams of mushrooms, a couple of tablespoons of sour cream and mayonnaise, 100 grams of cheese, onion, large garlic clove.Fry onions and mushrooms, cool, add a spoonful of sour cream and half of the grated cheese.Season with salt and pepper, add the greens and mayonnaise.Mix.Start a carcass, open end seal it.Make fill: Mix sour cream, garlic.Calamari a little fry in oil.Put them in a baking dish, brush with cream sauce on top and sprinkle with the remaining grated cheese and send it in the oven.When cheese melted - ready stuffed squid.The recipe is simple, but it is worthy to take a place on any holiday.

squids with chicken and mushrooms in white wine

Another great option of what stuff the squid for baking.Take 200 grams of chicken, a bit of fresh mushrooms, a large onion, half a cup of cooked rice, eggs (hard boiled), spices and herbs.Meat melenko chop and fry, add to it the onion and a little later - mushrooms.Season with spices and herbs, connect with rice and chopped egg.Fill the carcass.Mix the mayonnaise with garlic, this sauce Spread kalmarchiki.They lay in the ovenproof pot, pour a little white wine (100 grams) and send it in the oven for 15 minutes.

Squid stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce

great way - turn out very tasty and tender stuffed squid.The recipe is very simple, but makes up for it there in every home.Take some fresh cabbage, a couple of hard boiled eggs, 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes.Large onion, any herbs, spices and salt.Cabbage finely shinkuem and simmer until the middle of readiness, pour it with chopped onions.Add herbs and chopped egg.When the stuffing cool down - fill the carcass.Scrapie edges and lightly fry in oil.Almost done.Putting squid in a roasting pan, add a little water and tomato, extinguish 15-20 minutes.

Squids with minced fish and shrimp

you want to buy for dinner squid?How to dump them, we have not decided yet?Shellfish are very well combined to taste with fish or other seafood.And most important - all these products are quick to prepare.Take the fish fillets.300 grams (salmon or salmon), boneless.Large onion, a couple of eggs, a dozen shrimp, lemon, a few tablespoons of tomato paste (can be finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes).Thoroughly clean the fish from the skin and bones, chopped.Shrimp should be cleaned from the shell, chop.Eggs cook, after a clean and chop finely.Crumble onion.Add spices, chopped herbs, pepper and salt, a little lemon juice, mix and give a little brew - stuffing is ready.Fill the squid stuffed with a heavy hole with a toothpick.Carcasses should be laid in a roasting pan, pour the mixture on top of the sour cream and tomato.Put in preheated oven for 20-25 minutes.If desired, sprinkle with a little grated cheese squid.Serve with lemon quarters.Excellent hot dish is ready!


They are indispensable at any party.So why not dilute the usual meats seafood?The squid stuff for the holiday table?Any filling, which will be to your liking.Try to cook a few recipes, choose the best of them and feel free to decorate dishes of the holiday table.If you plan to bake the carcass after the stuffing, it is better to pre-boil them, and after cooking stuffed squid.Recipe choose to your taste, and cook a few better, but a little - will be a great variety of cuts.To serve, place the squid carcass under a small press and store in the refrigerator - so filling becomes more dense and will not crumble when cutting.

Spicy appetizer with garlic

very simple recipe.Boil some eggs, cheese, and they grate on a medium grater.No hard - take the cream without fillers, it is perfect.Add the squeezed garlic press, fine-cut dill, add mayonnaise and mix.You're only from a mixture of squid.Cool under the yoke - ready, now just chop the rings.

Squid stuffed with crabmeat

The stuff the squid tasty, fast and do not spend time on the frying - because guests are already on the brink?There is a great recipe with crab meat, it is quite possible to replace the sticks.You will need: a little Chinese cabbage, boiled eggs, mayonnaise, crab sticks, a little sorrel (or without), fresh herbs.You have to chop all ingredients, mix, season with mayonnaise and stuff the carcass.Cut the rings, garnish with lemon wedges and treat unexpected guests.

On any holiday table or home candlelight dinner will look great calamari.How to dump them - a matter of taste.Some people prefer soft and supple, someone like ostrinka unobtrusive.Try your options, add new ingredients, mix the flavors and tastes - perhaps you yourself come up and cook an amazing meal for his family.Do not leave this product unattended, it is very useful, is a dietary and a must for the elderly, it is no wonder it is called "balm for the heart."And yes!Enjoy your meal!