Biography Larissa Rubalskoy.

Lovely poet and songwriter, which will be discussed here, has won the love of the Russian audience his gift.Biography Larissa Rubalskoy not so bright and full of events, like many of today's well-known personalities, but it did not prevent her talent.


in the Russian capital in 1945, September 24 was born a little girl.Her father's name was Alexei Davidovich, he worked at the school, where he learned of work.Her mother, Alexandra Y., was engaged in the same household.After 5 years the family was born younger brother Valera.

Larisa Rubalskaya.Biography of post-secondary years

After graduation she received a response, where it was written that going to college is not recommended.Nevertheless, she entered the Faculty absentia Pedagogical Institute.During her studies she moonlighted as a typist, a librarian, a proofreader at the Literary Institute.Then she moved to the magazine "Change", where he successfully worked for several years.

first bad experience in life

In 1970 she finishes college and gets a specialty teacher of Russian language and literature.But it did not work and pedagogical activity.As she later admitted the audience at the concerts, the reason was a fairy tale "Jack Frost."When she told the children that goodie there is only one, and it's a dog, the management advised her to try his hand at something else.So Larissa did.

In 1973, she learned about a set of courses of Japanese language written on them and successfully completed.After that, he arranged a translator of Japanese youth in the travel agency "Sputnik".Later, she goes to work in the State concert, a Japanese television station, newspaper "Asahi".


Biography Larissa Rubalskoy regards personal life was not very good.In recognition of the Larissa, there are no innate sexuality, so men she did not "cling".She quickly fell in love, as she criteria were simple.The main thing that it was a blonde, not very tall, and knew how to play the guitar.There were many, so that the novels have happened, but throwing boyfriend Woman, because of which she was very worried.By age 30 Larissa realized that he wanted to marry.Therefore I began to ask all the friends, if they have someone in mind.A friend invited her to meet with a colleague of her husband of her friend.At first he did not like it, but the man offered to see again.She agreed, began a leisurely affair.Six months later they were married.Children they did not appear, but in love and harmony wife have lived for 33 years.Then her husband had a stroke while he was paralyzed, and then died.

Biography Larissa Rubalskoy

poetic talent of his wife, he could see it.After reading her verses, David showed them the composer Vladimir Migulya.He wrote the music and suggested song, called "Remembering", Valentina Tolkunova.So, in 1984, Larissa opened himself as a songwriter.Then she collaborated with many composers and singers.The peak of popularity came in the 90s, then in the "Song of the Year" often sounded hits, words which were written by Larissa.Her songs performed Pugacheva Kirkorov, Alsou and other popular performers.Larisa Rubalskaya often holds meetings with the audience, which reads his poems, sings and talks frankly about the difficult fate of the female.On the day of the birth of stars Larisa Rubalskoy satisfied after her concert, which performs songs in her poems.In addition to poetry, she is interested in cooking, so you can not only read her poems, but also written by her cookbooks.Biography Larissa Rubalskoy tells about a talented woman who has found himself and his calling in life.