Remember the tale Hauff, "Little Muck" (summary)

Wilhelm Hauff - the famous German novelist and writer.We know it thanks to the wonderful tales.The history of their creation: he wrote them when I was working a tutor in the family of the Minister of Defence.Fairy tale "Little Muck", a summary of which is hereby entered in his collection «Märchen», which he wrote for the children's minister.Works of the author quickly became popular in many countries.

Wilhelm Hauff."Little Muck".Summary.Entry

story of a little flour tells the person who met with him in his childhood.While the protagonist was an old man.He looked ridiculous: a huge head on a thin neck sticking out, very little growth.The children laughed at him, calling out after insulting poems, and stepped on his long shoes.Dwarf lived alone and rarely leave the house.Once the narrator hurt a little flour.He complained to his father, who punished his son revealed to him the story of the poor dwarf.

Wilhelm Hauff ."Little Muck".Summary.Developments

Once Muk was a child and lived with his father, a wealthy but very respected man in town.Dwarf rarely left the house.My father did not like his ugliness and taught nothing of his son.When the flour was 16 years old, he was all alone.His father died, leaving his son behind anything.The dwarf took a garment parent shortened it by your height and went around the world to seek his fortune.There was nothing to him, and he would have died of hunger and thirst, if not met an old woman feed all the cats and dogs in the neighborhood.After hearing his sad story, she invited him to stay in her work.Muck courted her pupils, who will soon greatly spoiled: the hostess barely left the house, allowed to smash home.Once, when one of the pupils broke an expensive vase in the room of an old woman, Mook went there and found a magic wand and shoes.Since offended his mistress and did not pay salaries, the dwarf decided to flee, taking with him a wonderful thing.

In the dream he saw the shoes can move it anywhere in the world, is only three times to turn on his heel, and the wand will find the treasure.Where gold is hidden, it will knock three times on the ground, and where silver - twice.Soon the little Muck got to one of the big city and hired there in the service of the king Skorokhod.All orders he carried out quickly and well, but the city did not like the dwarf and laughed at him.To earn the respect and sympathy of the people, Muck began handing out all the gold coins, which are located with the help of sticks.Soon, he was convicted of stealing the royal treasury and thrown into prison.Little Muck admitted helping him magic wand and shoes.He was released into the wild, but these things are taken away.

Wilhelm Hauff ."Little Muck".Summary.Ending

dwarf again went on a long journey and found two trees with dates.After eating the fruit of one of them, he found in his donkey ears and a big nose.When he tried it dates from another tree, ears and nose were again the same.Typing the fruit from which grew his ears and nose, he goes to the city market.Royal chef takes him all the goods and pleased returned to the palace.Soon all the subjects and the King grow ugly ears and a big nose.Dressed scientists and taking with him the fruits of the second tree, Muk comes to the palace.There, he gets rid of one of the deformities of the King.Everyone gasps and beg dwarf cure all.King opens up its coffers by offering select any treasure, but Muk takes only his shoes and wand.In doing so, he takes off his clothes scientist, and everyone will know it the old king's runner.Despite the entreaties of the King Muck did not give him dates and leaves, and the king and remains ugly.This ends the fairy tale "Little Muck".

Summary of product is unlikely to convey the unusual adventures of the protagonist.Disadvantages of his appearance more than offset by its sharpness and wit.We recommend that you read in the original work.Surprisingly good stories Hauff wrote: "Little Muck", a summary of which is presented here - a work about the triumph of justice, that evil is always penalized.