Applications soundproofing screen.

Probably not this corner of the earth where there were no roads.At the same time it goes completely different vehicles, from bicycles to heavy multi-ton trucks.Of course, each car produces a lot of noise.This is especially frustrating in places where the highway runs along the residential streets, cities, towns.To address this shortcoming, it was suggested the use of soundproofing screen.

What is design?

This special panel with which it is possible to protect homes from unwanted loud noises.They can be used universally, regardless of the type and variety of village roads.These screens are made by special technology, which seals the product after installation.

produce such designs from virtually any material.It is only necessary to consider the conditions under which they will operate.If they are serious, preference should be given more durable materials.Naturally, the installation of soundproofing screen has some pros and cons that should be considered.


now should consider, where is installing sound barriers.Thus, the product is used in such cases:

  • on track.
  • Near restaurants or cafes, which are located next to the parking lot or a busy highway.
  • bridges.

erect noise barriers on the roads in places where it is necessary for reasons of comfort of people living nearby.In addition, you can use the facilities provided even in private construction.Naturally, in this case it is necessary to pay attention to the properties of the fence and its cost.

Advantages construction

Among them are:

  • Ensuring silence, regardless of what happens behind the screen (the noise of cars, building).
  • Good appearance.
  • ability to obtain reliable fencing, which will last a long period of time.
  • protection not only from the noise, but also from the exhaust gases.
  • strength, resistance to mechanical damage.
  • possibility of applying to the surface of the coating that will prevent the appearance of graffiti on the screens.
  • resistant to decay, insect damage or animals, burning.
  • more variety, so you can choose exactly the kind of structure that will best meet the functional and design requirements.

product defects

Deciding to installation soundproofing screen, be sure to find some disadvantages illustrated construction:

  1. For some drivers the construction unpleasant as it creates a feeling of closeness or limited space.
  2. often on screen rotation can impair visibility.
  3. must say that the submitted designs, depending on the material used, are quite expensive.Moreover, the product must have a large enough height to perform its functions effectively.

design facilities

installation soundproofing screen should be done only after you select the type.With regard to the building structure, it can be so:

  • Direct.
  • Arc.
  • polyline.

choice depends on where it will be installed construction.Furthermore, these screens can be equipped visor.And construction can be classified as:

  1. constructions that absorb noise.For their manufacturing apply acoustic panels and perforations.That is the sound penetrates the plate and back will not return.
  2. Reflectors noise.The disadvantage of this product is that it lends itself to a sound source of serious stress.For the production of such panels often used polycarbonate or metal plate.Sometimes it is used for the manufacture of monolithic glass.
  3. Combined screens.For example, such a product may consist of acoustic panels and sheets of transparent polycarbonate.Their advantage is that they do not impair the visibility and illumination on the road.

Noise shields on the roads - a structure that will make the lives of people in a roadside village comfortable and quiet.

classification of products

now should consider what types of construction can be divided presented.So the screens are:

1. On the basis of the natural:

  • Bund.Built from the ground or stone.Their disadvantage is that which they occupy a lot of space.In addition, such a structure must be equipped with a drainage system.
  • panels between the uprights.This is probably the most common type of this kind of buildings.However, their installation requires a foundation.Mounted they are already in place.
  • monolithic structure.
  • products constructed of blocks and stones.

2. On the basis of the artificial:

  • noise barriers on the roads can be mounted on the parapets.They are fixed with a very strong bolts.In addition, the elements can be inserted into the parapet.
  • unsupported structure.
  • products, which are made of stone with a parapet wall, mounted on the extra design.
  • Facilities, which are made stable by means of the support wall, located anywhere.

Noise shields, the price of which depends on the material selected and is 20 or more dollars for a single flight, you can install it yourself or seek the assistance of road services.

Features mounting

Now consider the installation of the structure.Thus, the installation of noise protection screens consists of several stages:

  1. You must first prepare the groundwork for the construction.Substrate type depends on which type of screen you choose.
  2. Now you need to install the supporting structures of the metal (beams or frames).For fasteners used either concrete or very strong bolts or chemical anchors.
  3. Binding screen panels.They need to set one by one from the bottom-up.They are fixed with special elements of metal.

When installing, consider the terrain, wind power in the region and the weight of the material from which the elements were made.Note that if a part of the road where the works on installation, accidents happen frequently, you should consider choosing a more durable type of construction.

As has been said, all this work you can do yourself.However, construction firms have all the necessary equipment and experts, who have experience with such devices.

This way you can protect your life from unnecessary noise and make it more comfortable and enjoyable.Good luck!