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Car Insurance

At present time auto insurance in Kaliningrad is the most popular type of insurance.With the increasing number of cars and their relative accessibility, and increased the number of road accidents.Thus, in order to protect their "darling" of road hazards, motorists tend to insure the relevant risks.This in turn leads to an increase in the number of insurance companies that offer services to its customers motor insurance - insurance, CASCO, DSAGO.

his transport insurance - is one of the options for protection from large unexpected expenses in a situation where you are in an accident.With the help of an insurance policy, you can pay the cost of car repairs or medical assistance to the victims.

There are various types of motor insurance:

Here are some of them:

CTP (compulsory third party liability insurance) - is compulsory insurance of transport.The policy is issued with the purchase of any automobile or motorcycles.Insurance designed to pay for repairs "victim" of the car if it was damaged.When buying insurance policy to pay attention to the reliability of the insurance company to avoid problems with payments when the insured event.In the first half of 2012 the top five insurance companies - leaders in the sale of insurance - Rosgosstrakh, Ingosstrakh, RESO-Garantia, CMC and FAC.

DSAGO (voluntary motor liability insurance) - complements the policy of insurance.DSAGO sold to cover the costs in case of exceeding the damage relied upon to cover insurance policy.When an accident can damage expensive road equipment or "cool" car.But if you have additional features DSAGO policy, it may help you solve problems with damages in such situations.

CASCO this type of insurance, which in addition to the basic insurance against damage from an accident, protect your car and other accidents, such as theft, damage in natural disasters and other types of damage.The more expensive and newer the car, the better to buy this type of insurance.It is often at the expense of the accident may be much higher than the amount covered by insurance policy "guilty" of the driver and then to "comes in" policy Hull.And with such a misfortune as a carjacking, the policy might return the amount spent to acquire it.Agree, calm the nerves and more!Buy insurance CASCO in Kaliningrad can be virtually any company

Green Card - a compulsory insurance if you leave a car abroad."Green Card" - an international insurance policy that insures your vehicle liability when traveling outside the country.The policy protects you from problems on roads abroad, and allows you to repair your vehicle after an accident in another country.