Miss Russia 2005 - Alexander Ivanovo

Today, beauty contests have become commonplace for us.We have become accustomed to over the years should be required to pass a competition in which the name will be called the most beautiful girls of our city, and then - the country.After that, our beauty will participate in the international contest "Miss Europe", "Miss Universe" and "Miss World".But in the Soviet period, until 1989, that is, for many decades, these competitions in our country have been banned.

history of "Miss Russia"

contest "Russian Beauty" was held in Paris from 1927 to 1938 among immigrants.At that time in the French capital were more than two hundred thousand refugees from Czarist Russia.Two years after the first competition, it became open to all girls Russian origin living in European countries.The jury included such luminaries as writers Bunin and Kuprin, artists Korovin and Benoit.Once the contest participated Chaliapin's daughter Maria.After the Second World War, these competitions were discontinued.After a long break, they resumed in 1989, during the rule of the country, "Gorbachev for" Mikhail Gorbachev.At the same time qualifying rounds were held in each of the Soviet republics, and became the culmination of the contest "Miss USSR".It was attended by not only the participants of the 15 Soviet republics, but also autonomy.After the collapse of the great Soviet Union, of course, held in Moscow, a competition was called "Miss Russia".And for the past two decades in the Russian capital authoritative jury, consisting of personalities of television, movie, pop, etc., choose the most beautiful girl of the country.This article focuses on the "Miss Russia 2005".By the way, about this contest wrote that he was the first one in their organization complies with international standards for activities of this kind.So it should have been.It is in this year's competition was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation had the status of "national".

Miss 2005

Alexander Ivanovo, a photo which you can see in the article, in its 16 years, won the title of most beautiful girl of the country.This was in 2005.The final, as always, was held in the Russian capital at the Grand Arena.Number of participants in the contest were 50. Each of them represented their region.Before you get to the Moscow competition, the girls won the regional and urban beauty contests.The future "Miss Russia" Alexander Ivanovo represented Far East.Incidentally, the number of superfinalistok not logged representatives of both Russian capitals.At the beginning of the competition the contestants were dressed in national costumes, which for them were made known stylist-designer Alena Akhmadulina.At the same time she used the motifs of fairy tales Vasentsova.Then they are converted into sports and self-confident women's tennis in white pleated mini-skirts and sports tops.Then she had to show off their creative skills.However, the jury did not stop, and the girls were asked questions on a variety of topics.Of course, in the finals of the girls appeared before the jury and all the spectators in evening dresses.At the same time Alexander Ivanovo (Miss 2005) came on the scene with her endlessly long hair, and everyone just gasped.

organizational issues

main production director show "Miss Russia 2005" was Andrew Boltenko (in those years - the main director of the 1st public channel).Since the competition was held at the Grand Arena, and the scenery was appropriate - in the style of "Russian fashion season."The show was legendary Nikolai Fomenko and Fyodor Bondarchuk.In their usual playful manner they admitted that they concealed from their halves, where they will spend the evening.Between the main part of the competition before the audience were "Nightingale" of Russian pop music - Valery Meladze and Nikolai Baskov, but Maxim Galkin decided to hold a beauty contest in the ranks of modern politics, in which the palm was given by Valeria.In short, this day was chosen two winners - Alexander Ivanovo and Valeria Novodvorskaya.Here's a choice!

Miss Far East became Miss Russia

When the stage was sixteen beautiful Alexander Ivanovo with oblique below the belt, all have understood that other contestants simply have no chance of winning.Her beauty, her features were truly Slavic, our, Russian.Jurors have already submitted it to the contest "Miss World".However, the girl was only 16, so it is not allowed to participate in global competition.Nevertheless, she received as a reward of 100 thousand US dollars.

little about the winner

Ivanovo Alexander was born in the Far East, namely in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.Since childhood, Sasha had long hair.Her mother loved to make beautiful girl hairstyle, braids, tie them with ribbons decorating various hairpins, etc.For the first time she participated in the contest "barbarian beauty - long braid" in the age of nine.The length of her hair reached 135 cm. At the same time, she began dancing and choreography.This she has devoted six years.She even had to shorten their hair very long, so it was easier to gather them into a bundle.By the time the contest "Miss Russia - 2005" hair had grown to 115 centimeters.Her height is 180 cm, width of the chest - 87 talii- 63 cm, hips - 94 cm.


After Alexander Ivanovo won the contest "Russian Beauty", about her began to spread nasty rumors.In the media and on the Internet published articles that claimed that she starred in the video of a pornographic nature.However, if you look closely at the beginning of this video, a completely innocuous name - "Alexander Ivanovo visited the Lenin Library" or "Lolita in the library", then judging by the clothes of the heroine, becomes immediately clear that the video was filmed in the early 90-iescentury, that is when the most Alexandra was only 4-5 years.In all the confusion enters the fact that the girl in the video is very similar to the young "Miss Russia 2005", but in no way it can be.Nevertheless, this video has flown all sites, it searched (who indignantly, anyone with an interest, and who despised) millions.After all, she is currently deemed the whole country.Then the poor thing because of age are not allowed to participate in the contest "Miss Universe", that it was also very disappointing.After all, it came after the international shows, it certainly has managed to win the title of "Queen of the Universe."We think it a great beauty as well as extremely beautiful hair could lead to the delight of all the authoritative jury.