How to brew ginger, so it retains all the beneficial properties?

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Ginger - a very useful plant known to mankind for thousands of years.His birthplace is India and Southeast Asia.It contains a lot of useful oils, vitamins and amino acids, it is not surprising that many use it not only for cooking but also for the treatment of colds, digestive problems, as well as used to combat obesity and as a tonic.How to brew ginger, so it retains all the beneficial properties, read our article.Incidentally, methods for preparing a beverage or a tea depends on what purpose you want to use the root - a recipe for colds is one, for weight loss - another.Both methods are discussed below.

How to brew ginger: tea recipe for the treatment of colds

This drink will help you in the fight against colds.For its preparation take:

- 2 medium sized ginger root;
- 1 cup of liquid honey;
- juice of 1 lemon.

Clean roots, then rub them on a grater or chop in a blender.Boil 4 liters of water, add to the resulting mass and simmer for a few minutes.When you need to drink in the resulting strain and pour 1 cup of liquid honey, stir well and add the juice of one lemon (or a couple of tablespoons of the finished store).It was a basic recipe of how to make ginger.You can vary it somewhat, adding the broth, for example, natural orange juice, or give it a distinctive flavor, putting at the boil with a few mint leaves root, lemon balm, orange or lemon peel.Drink this tea can be in any amount, it will give you energy and help defeat the disease quickly.

How to make ginger root for weight loss?

This drink is a great help for those who struggle with being overweight.After all, the root has long been known as a means of improving digestion and metabolism, as well as a little sensation of hunger.Drink several glasses of tea with ginger every day, and the result will not take long.To prepare the broth you will need a piece of root and a thermos of boiling water.Simply chop or grate the ginger, place in a bowl of water and let it brew for a couple of hours.To be most effective in this tea, you can add a bit of cloves or red pepper.

How to brew ginger for weight loss to drink gave the maximum effect?In this case, except the root, you need garlic.Mix these two components in equal parts, and one part of the mass, add 20 parts of water.Let sit for 15 minutes, strain and take throughout the day.If you feel the drink is not too tasty, it is not forbidden to add to it a little honey, fresh lemon or orange juice.

From the article, you learned how to make and drink ginger, and how to use this tea to treat colds and obesity.Therefore, do not pass by this root in the supermarket, because it is - a great tool for those who prefer to fight disease folk remedies, without using drugs from pharmacies.