Disappointment - a feeling of regret about not come true

meaning of the word "nuisance" - what is it?It is unlikely that you have ever thought about this definition.Although the feeling of disappointment every experienced in my life many times since childhood.

annoyance - it ...

example, a child has decided to please their parents wash the dishes, or tried to do cleaning in the apartment, but in the end my mother yelled at him, as she had a bad temper, and the kid did the job not the way to herlike.Of course, the child feels a sense of resentment or anger.Or, for example, the child all night preparing for a lesson, but when he had to answer the next day, confused, forget what you have learned and received "three ways".Annoyance ... The feeling experienced adults, when they are making every possible effort to achieve something important, but in the end nothing happens.Not admitted to the university, did not take a prestigious position ... The feeling of frustration can accumulate over time and eventually develop into different complexes and disappointment in life in general.

Folk sayings of annoyance

There are various idioms that explain the condition of the person surviving disappointment.For example, "tearing his hair", "bite your elbows", "climb a wall of anger" and so on. D. Not the most pleasant state agree.

annoyance - it is also regrettable that it happened does not wish for the man way.However, very often it does not want to admit their guilt for what happened not made every effort not completed, did not consider all the details.In most cases, a man tries to shift the blame to someone else, they say, is not my fault, and colleagues, friends, the government, and even the weather.Of course, all these factors play a role, but most of all depends on the person.


annoyance annoyance - it is a negative feeling, which must be combated.Otherwise, it can develop into fears and complexes.You should not lie on the couch and annoyed at everything and everyone, after another failure.As they say, the tears will not help.It is necessary to carefully analyze the situation and try to improve the situation.If we can not fix anything, then you should not annoyed.What happened, happened.All of this experience.It is necessary to draw conclusions and try not to make more such mistakes.Also, it does not need many times "scroll" in mind the situation in order not to upset even more.Think about what that life will give you a lot more fine chances.Do not miss them, use them to the full!

Good luck!Let the feeling of disappointment and regret never darkens your thoughts!