What is the most effective means of cockroaches?

Very often, during the change of seasons in the house come uninvited guests.What is the most effective means of cockroaches, and that we should not spend money?Most housewives at least once in his life had to deal with unpleasant and dangerous to the health of residents of kitchen cabinets and humid places under the sink.

Harmful insects in the house

most patient and neat people sometimes do not know how effective remedy for cockroaches can be used for quick and final disposal of the invaders unexpected.The presence of these insects in the home often leads to a general deterioration of the atmosphere, or a significant increase in nervousness, and that's just the psychological effects of living together with baleen disgusting neighbors.The worst thing is that cockroaches may enter the house of dangerous diseases and pathogens to leave them on the kitchen surfaces or food.

effective against cockroaches - a clean and dry surface in the house, no debris or crumbs, old cereals in bags.But what about those who live in apartment buildings, where there is a garbage disposal, basement, elevator shaft and a technical floor - places where and resettlement colonies of insects that from here make their raids on ordinary apartment.Acquainted with the peculiarities of life of cockroaches to select the optimum means of struggle:

  • hunger starve these insects will not work, it is better to restrict access to the necessary water;
  • if you managed to infect one individual, it will spread the disease throughout the colonies;
  • curiosity - a distinctive feature of this type;the most effective remedy for cockroaches should be unusual and attractive to insects smell.

prevention of harmful insects

To protect your home from the appearance of unexpected guests, a kitchen and other rooms in the apartment need to maintain absolute clean and dry.The most effective means of cockroaches will not help if the shell will remain small droplets of water.All products used must be safe for pets, and the man himself.Dangerous places: exit sewers, especially old and rusty, ventilation shafts and unglazed balconies - can attract baleen invaders.All of the rooms and the surface is required to regularly treated with special detergents.

Methods of dealing with pesky insects

Traditionally, the most effective means of cockroaches, which offers a popular rumor and experts exterminator - it usually boric acid.Interestingly its impact.The insect does not die instantly.When the forest reaches the antennae and legs, these places are starting to itch unbearably, and barbel in a hurry to leave the dangerous place.At the same time the most effective means of cockroaches enters the colony and infect other animals.Firstly, dying insects tend not to come back to where it was seen like a threat.Secondly, in just 3-6 days it can get rid of the last of the colony.Boric acid buy at the pharmacy, carefully mixed with fresh egg yolk, from the resulting mixture is rolled tiny balls, which are laid out in a "dangerous" places.

most effective means of cockroaches of those that you can buy in the store - a special gel against insects.Popular brands of the population, "raptor", "Absolut-gel", "Adamant", "Dohloks."Apply the product on the surface of the perimeter, but it is usually unpleasant smell and can cause poisoning pets.If the choice fell on an aerosol or a cockroach trap is to give preference to high-quality expensive goods.Otherwise, you can just spend time and money, not get the desired result.Effective sprays: "Raptor" (crawling insects), "Ekstrazol M", "dichlorvos Neo".Among the traps of cockroaches includes such items as the "domino effect", Raid and "Combat SuperBayt."