How to catch perch in winter

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Fishing what alternative views are not expressed, is without a doubt one of the most acceptable ways of their leisure time, especially for men.Is no exception and winter, moreover, there is a whole galaxy of fishermen who activate their hobby during this period of the year.This beginners fishermen often raises the question of how to catch bass in the winter because we can safely say, for beginners this is the most viable option, at least at first.

When thinking about why it is best to choose a bass for fishing enthusiasts, just starting out, it is necessary to focus on the habits of the fish.The fact is that in the case of fish practically no retirements, copies of the predator grabbed the bait sharply, bravely and without options.Although, as in any business, when undercuts perch is very useful to possess at least basic knowledge and skills.It should be understood that the classical technologies, and the more methods in the present case there are no secrets in winter perch every fisherman and his vary depending on the traditions of one or another region of the country.However, the general advice that should be taken into account all the fishermen there.

question of how to catch bass in the winter should start with climatic analytical calculations.First of all, it should be noted that, in practice, the most intense biting is in the first weeks after the formation of ice on the pond, and thus closer to spring, or longer even in the spring, when it starts prespawning zhor the vast majority of fish in our waters.Furthermore, during the winter of the fish activity may depend on natural fluctuations in atmospheric pressure.Obviously, the longer the time will be a constant pressure, the higher the probability of a rich catch.

Now a little about daily fluctuations.It is understood that bass, like any other fish, the most active in the morning, when still only dawn.The optimal availability of small frost to central Russia is not more than 10 degrees Celsius.Nevertheless, if a fisherman on the pond served all day, with or without biting, it should wait after all the first twilight.As the long-standing practice, not always, but often can be as the people say, "running into" a truly hyperactive bite when fishing perch on winter cicada becomes just incredibly exciting pastime, for the reason that the fish just enough to each wave.The question of how to catch bass in the winter is not there, but my head is a different problem of how to get more time to.In fairness it must be said that this is very rarely bite long, usually not more than about 30 minutes.

most common response among fans on the question of how to catch bass in the winter, is the corresponding kivkovaya winter fishing rod.Rod for this type of fishing rods, the second name of the whip should be as light as possible, but not at the expense of strength, taking into account load, length of about 20 cm. It is desirable that the handle was the most comfortable, especially if fishing is planned for quite a long time to hand specialnot tired.

Very often, as a material for making a nod for fishing rods manufacturers use various types of plastic.It is understood that such materials (and even home-made fishing rod can be equipped with a nod from the rubber nipple) do not respond well to the drop in temperature, losing its strength and elasticity - the best option is, of course, metal.

No tail or scales and success in life.Let the luck smiles at you, not only in fishing.