Occupation stringer.

We all know what they do and journalists.But today, we offer a look into one of the directions of the profession by answering the question, "Stringer - who is it?" After all, this concept is familiar not for everyone, but the fruits of the work of journalists we see on a daily basis both on television and in the print mediainformation.

Stringer - who is it?

representatives of the profession are independent or freelance reporters.In the first place under the stringers assume people providing visual media material, that is, cameramen and photographers.However, members of the profession may be radio, television and print journalists who cover this or that event or interview.In addition, responding to the question, "Stringer - who is it?", It is understood that, for the most part, these people are working in difficult conditions.So, they often cover extreme events: wars, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and so on. N. From this comes the name and profession, as translated from the English "stringer" means "string, the string".

Features profession

The media believed that the journalist-stringer - a true professional, who is able to perfectly handle any job entrusted to him, for which he receives quite a lot of money.All the other reporters, freelancers are often considered usual freelancers.So, for example, a stringer can be sent on a mission in any hotspot, where military operations are conducted.And if ordinary freelancers may for any reason, to delay the report or be late with the necessary photos or text to the employer, that the stringer will never allow such a situation.In this regard, these reporters are considered a kind of elite journalism.

Competencies stringer

In order to make a career in this field, the journalist must possess a number of personal qualities.By the way, these characteristics help stringers not only carry out their work, but often survive in extreme situations.So, we offer you the basic qualities of the stringer: independence, courage, a high level of training, creativity, development of intuition and reporter's instinct, good physical condition and endurance, strong character, endurance and stamina, the ability to control himself in different situations, endurance, perseverance, patience, flexibility, resistance to stress and a broad outlook.

Medical contra

Since Stringer - a very dangerous profession, and coupled with the mental and physical exhaustion, there are a number of medical contraindications for people who want to make a career in this direction.These include the following:

- the presence of nervous and mental diseases;

- violation of the musculoskeletal system;

- diseases associated with respiratory or cardiovascular system;

- visual and hearing impairment;

- the presence of chronic infectious diseases.

What should know stringer?

journalist planning to run a stringer, should have a number of special knowledge and skills.These include the following: the ability to navigate the terrain, handling skills with professional equipment (as used in the work of reporters and used in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural disasters and military actions).

How to become a stringer?

There are no special institutions where specialists in the profession does not exist.Typically, most of the stringers are graduates of schools of journalism, which subsequently improve their skills and start working as freelance reporters in hot spots.

So, today we learned that the word means "stringer", who he is and what he does.We hope that this information will be useful to you in choosing a profession.