Clerks - this is not a diagnosis, it is work

now very common and is sufficient respect, the term "manager".At the same time, few people (particularly among employers) just says that this word denotes manager, administrator or manager.As a result, you can run into position "area manager" and was surprised to find out what we have in mind only the janitor.It has long been forgotten and fallen into disuse the term "clerk".What is it now known, probably only internet pranksters.And once it was fully respected, "the title."

origin of the term and synonyms him

If you follow the exact translation, clerks - a clerk.In the UK, the so-called imperial petty clerks.In the same sense, and it is present in Western Europe.At the same time there really is something like the position or rank;The term implies that the person with the "name" is a candidate for a certain position in a court or is about to become a notary.In Russia, of course, no such qualification.In tsarist times this function was performed clerk clerks.Who clerks - a disparaging name, designed to emphasize the insignificance of the individual and the gray, monotonous and malonuzhnuyu work she performs.In parallel, using the definition of "office plankton", "paper soul" and - more tolerant - "white-collar workers."

¬ęPeople 'opinion and why it does not coincide with the views of employers

Most people are contemptuous of office workers, believing that the clerks - it is a necessary evil, the functions of which are swollen, time spent on all the small stuff, and whoeverHe became office plankton, never rise, either before any official height, nor worthy of attention to the salary.In some such representation is justified: often too vague duties to be performed by the clerk.What is the name of the "scoops" for themselves and even accountants, lawyers and secretaries, people often forget.But without any wages not receive or protection in case of problems with the control authorities.And simply "perekladyvateli papers" greatly facilitate the lives of their more advanced counterparts.All monotonous, uninteresting and often tedious duties take the clerks.It is true that most of them the minute go home at the end of the working day - but all 8 hours they faithfully do what they charge and what disdain more creative employees.That is why never faileth list of vacancies on such a low-status job.

Pros status

The same can be attractive work, which deals with the clerk?First of all, a high degree of stability.If you have integrity and a penchant for boring you can easily be confident that tomorrow will not bring you unpleasant shocks.This work is quite non-severe, and usually paid very well.Despite the general opinion that the clerk - an eternal stagnation, the prospect of a successful career definitely there.True growth may need quite a long time.If the company where you work, great, you can get extra bonuses - they usually are present as a system of financial incentives and the possibility, for example, concessional lending.Thus you remain an employee, and the maximum that you run the risk of losing - the workplace.Yes, and responsibility to all public authorities does not lie to you, and the host company.And if you have some sort of their personal thing - you are well covered his rear "wasted", but paid time.

What we have in the red

No bright clothing or body piercing in prominent places or intricate hairstyles for men are often required to clean-shaven face.Dress code is generally required to comply in all organizations.Career will grow slowly - fast and brilliant success "right away" will hardly achieve.And most importantly - drudgery addictive and causes a stupor, if he did not resist.In order not to become just plankton, we must constantly cultivate, strive to get new skills and knowledge.And if you do not relax, do not go with the flow, the status of the clerk becomes your "diagnosis" for life.