Short instructions: how to do a manicure at home on short nails

Nail treatments at home have a number of advantages.And one of them - the opportunity to absolutely any design no matter what the length of your nails.In addition, the procedure can be carried out at a convenient time.Before you do a manicure at home on short nails, you need to prepare a little bit.

problem of choice

First of all, you need to decide which specific design you want.It would seem that the choice of a small nail length is quite small.But it is not.Simply, the elements should be smaller.Easy to manicure short nails involves the use lacquer without any additional ornaments and drawings.Suffice it to cover the nail bed and the free edge, to fix all the upper protective layer.This procedure is familiar to every girl since childhood, when the nails are painted a pen or pencil.

But sometimes plain varnishes bored, you want something new and unusual.For example, the French manicure with a pattern.Yes, short nails is also possible.Even the free edge of a very small (millimeter, for example).If the varnish is difficult to cover it, you can come to the aid of acrylic paint and a fine brush.Just otkraste small strip of making smile line, and let it dry.Note: this is all done on the basecoat.In addition, before a manicure at home on short nails, practice on a small piece of paper.The very same pattern can be any.Good looking unusual ornaments on one finger.For example, the ring.

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Manicure home on short nails can be made:

  • one varnish;
  • several varnishes;
  • acrylics;
  • stickers;
  • additional elements for the nail art.

two varnish - one design

For those who do not want to draw in the elements, but want something unusual, there is a simple solution.Only two different lacquer.For example, the effect cracelures.Even on short nails it will look original and stylish.Especially with the right selection of colors.Before you do a manicure at home on short nails with cracking effect, remember - this varnish spreads only on the glossy surface.Therefore, you must first choose the basic, basic color.It must be combined with cracelures.Sometimes, let's say, and in sharp contrast, but this is a purely individual choice.Once dry basis, it is applied lacquer cracking effect.After all secured top-coated or leave as is.

In addition, there is a nail with a temperature perception.What is it?Color varnish varies depending on the ambient temperature.This is especially impressive in winter, when the girl is often moved from cold to warm.How to do a manicure at home on short nails such material?It's simple:

  • to file the tips;
  • lightly sanded surface;
  • apply and dry the base;
  • paint the nail varnish.

top coat is required, otherwise it will be distorted by the effect of temperature.You can try different options, choosing for themselves the most successful at any time and in any place!