How to decorate the wedding car: the original and beautiful ideas

Wedding - one of the most important events in human life.Therefore, the couple try to do everything to ensure that this day was bright and happy memories.How to decorate a wedding car?The answer is definitely looking for the future bride and groom before the wedding.Indeed, so eager to festive cortege looked beautiful, elegant and original.Decor elements for vehicle bride and groom can do with their hands.To help the newlyweds all the following tips on "How you can decorate a wedding car."

For many decades do not lose their popularity decoration for wedding transport, made of satin and nylon ribbons and bows.And even such traditional materials can be transformed into original and unique composition for your holiday car.For example, with your hands, you can make very quickly bright garland.To do this you need to take two or three tapes (bow) of different colors and different widths, lay them on top of each other and prisobiraya "accordion" stitch in the middle of the sewing machine.On the outside of the product can sew small bows or flowers.At one end of the long garlands sew gum.On the wrong side of the product to stick pieces of double-sided tape that will be needed for mounting on a car.How nice to decorate a wedding car garland?Spread it on the hood, sticking tape.Eraser under the cap to start, to reach to the top of the tape and sew.That's all lush garland of ribbons ready.

compositions of flowers - great decor car Suite

discussing the question of how to decorate the wedding car, think about the option of decorating it with flowers.The composition on the hood of a car of flowers looks great.You will be able to choose the colors, the composition, but their fixation and processing are best left to professional florists.They will do everything to make decorations of flowers at the wedding transport held firmly and securely, remained fresh and beautiful throughout the holiday.

wedding decor advantage of artificial plants is that it is easier to fix the car, he is not afraid of rain and wind, it's easy to perform personally.Having on hand a few flowers from a fabric, a pair of satin ribbons and a piece of tulle, you can create an original composition.It is necessary to lay down flowers in the bouquet, tie the ribbon.From segment tulle perform big bow.On the bumper wire to attach a bouquet of artificial flowers, from the top to fasten a bow.The whole composition further consolidate ribbons.Spread the leaves on the bouquet so that they hid the wire attachment points.Such a composition is simple in execution, but it looks solemn and elegant.

How to decorate a wedding car balloons

Why cars are not the bride and groom to decorate the balls?Today it is fashionable, stylish and relatively inexpensive.From balloons can be made garlands, bouquets, compositions in the form of hearts and rings.To do this, choose the balls by color and size, and inflate them to bind to the desired configuration.Then, firmly attached to the car with ropes.The hood should be added the product to stick tape.

options other decorations wedding convoy:

  1. Themed stickers on license plates, "We are at the wedding," "Just Married."
  2. Toys on the hood of the car (dolls, bears, hares in wedding outfits).
  3. large figures on the bumper cars: a bow tie, "women's lips."
  4. painting car paint from a container.

to the question of how to decorate the wedding car, come together with his elect (chosen ones).Whichever method of decorating a car you choose, the main thing that you liked the result and the future of your second half.We wish you "enter" in family life on the most beautiful car!