Life and creative biography of Zhukovsky VA

All lyric poet Russia may rightly be called his teacher Vasily Zhukovsky.Having the highest authority in the imperial family, as much as he helped each petitioner.A contribution of VA Zhukovskyin the cultural development of the country can not be overemphasized.Not only did he himself wrote, but also cleverly translated many masterpieces of world literature.

biography of Zhukovsky VA .: history of the birth

During the war with the Turks Russified German muffle captured two sisters.He sent them to grow up in Russia to his friend - a rich landowner Athanasius Ivanovich Bunin.
younger girl soon fell ill and died.But the 16-year-old Salha mastered, learned to speak in Russian.She was christened and named Elizabeth Dementievna Turchaninova.Bunin, by then settle down with his wife of 11 children, was the wife of the refusal by conjugal duties and complete freedom.Salha soon became the mistress of a gentleman.In 1783 they had a son.Bunin lived dependents ruined nobleman AG Zhukovsky.Athanasius Ivanovich urged him to adopt a child.So the estate Mishenskoe appeared Vasily Zhukovsky.The lady saw the boy replace his dead only son Ivan.She promised to bring up Vasya as a mother, and kept his word, despite the fact that her husband before his death bequeathed nothing of any boy or Salchow.

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biography of Zhukovsky VA .: education

early as infancy Bunin wrote his son in Astrakhan Hussars.For six years he has held the rank of ensign, which automatically gave him the right to nobility.Education Bob received first family, then in a private guest house.Further, it was public school, from which he was expelled as a disability.Then, his education took godmother Barbara Afanasevna Yushkova.In her house organized a home theater.It first appeared literary talent Basil.Inspired by similar praise, he literally immersed himself in writing.At age 12 he was sent to the Narva Regiment in the service.However, Paul I just issued a decree prohibiting the taking of minors.

Then Basil in 1797 identified a boarding house at Moscow University, a young man who has successfully graduated with a silver medal.During this period, he met with Alexander and Andrei Turgenev.Together they organized a literary society.After studying Basil was sent to work in the salt policeman secretary's office.However, he continued to engage in their own literature, in particular translations.After the death of Paul I, Zhukovsky was transferred to St. Petersburg.There he met with Karamzin, who was thrilled with the talent of the young man.Nikolai Mikhailovich published in his "Journal of Europe" is one of the translations Zhukovsky.The publication brought Vasily truly country-wide fame.

biography of Zhukovsky VA .: 1802-1815 years

lasted six years, the first creative period.At that time, he associated himself with the fashion at the time the school of sentimentalism.Since 1808, based on foreign sources of Zhukovsky began to create ballads.Thus began the second, romantic, period in his work.In May 1811 he came to Zhukovsky mother with bitter news of the death of the lady, and a few days later and she's gone.A year later, the war with Napoleon.

Zhukovsky joined the reserve regiment in the rank of lieutenant.After the war he decided to devote his entire life literature.Uvarov, a good friend of the family, to procure for Vasily pension for the court poet, introduced him to the Empress Marie Feodorovna.She appointed him a reader, and his teacher of literature.

biography of Zhukovsky VA .: 1816-1840 years

Since this year began a 25-year stay of the poet at the court.He settled in the Winter Palace and received a lifetime pension.At first he was appointed teacher of literature for the bride of Grand Duke Nicholas, and seven years later he was a mentor of their eldest son, Alexander.In 1826, Zhukovsky, receiving vacation, went to Germany, where he met Goethe.In 1831, the poet lived in Tsarskoye Selo Pushkin simultaneously.When in 1836 he learned about the impending duel, the whole week trying to settle the matter peacefully.And it had almost worked, but Pushkin blew writing Heeckeren abusive letter.

poet Zhukovsky.Biography: 1841-1842 years

By this time, the poet's relationship with the imperial court greatly deteriorated.He honorably retired and moved to Germany.There's 58-year-old poet has finally married the daughter of the artist Reitern Elizabeth.The couple lived in Dusseldorf.And in Germany continued unabated creative work of Zhukovsky.In 1842 the couple had a daughter, and three years later - the son.

brief biography of Zhukovsky VA .: 1848-1852 years

autumn family moved to permanent residence in Baden-Baden.The poem "Tsarskoye Selo Swan" written in 1851, was the last in the legacy of the poet.He always dreamed of returning to his homeland.In March 1852 Zhukovsky learned of the death of Gogol.Then he came down and did not rise.In April 1852 the poet died.In the summer of his servant moved the remains host to St. Petersburg.He was buried in Zhukovsky near Karamzin.