Guessing on the coins: the basic methods and interpretation

It just so happened that every man will certainly want to know their future.Since ancient times, people have resorted to various methods of divination, including coins.This is no accident.Since the advent of the money they attributed sverhvozmozhnosti - this is probably due to the fact that they gave its owner the power and authority.Over time, the ratio has changed to coins, but they, like many centuries ago, still very often used to penetrate the future.

Popular ways divination coins

wishes to learn the fate of a new or used for a long time out-of-treatment copper money, sometimes in combination with maps, and other household items.Very popular, and is claimed to be effective on the Chinese divination coins and the book "I Ching".

What it is: entertainment or fun way to learn fate?

Guessing on coins on a "come true, come true" in our time is not taken seriously by all.For some, it's just fun and a way to have fun, such as when meeting friends.You can bring a number of ways like divination.

1 - coin toss.First you need to decide which side, heads or tails, give an affirmative answer to the question.Then, holding the coin in the palm of his right hand, to concentrate on the issue.Finally, throw the coin so that it did turn in the air and fell.Side of the coin, which will be on top after landing, and prompt answer.

2 - the definition of what is waiting for a long journey.Because of the paper should be glued road width of about 5 and a length of about 50 cm. Then ride on the way to receive a coin.If it is easy to roll forward and quickly reaches the end of the strip - ahead waiting for good luck.If you fall - the journey will bring problems.In the latter case, you can "run" a coin several times, each time starting with "failure" places, until it reaches the finish line.The number of falls - a symbolic number of problems that can happen in transit.

determining the fate of the money and cards

Guessing on coins with a deck of playing is pretty old.First, the card should be shuffled and put on suits.For divination not need Footprint diamonds, so it can be completely removed.Of the remaining three left hand need to get one card and put them in front, to formulate a problem and flip a coin.Next, determine where it landed.A map on which (or close to that) dropped a coin, prompt answering of clubs - all will be well;Worms - the outcome may be different, so you need more time to weigh all good;peaks - ahead of possible failure, therefore, it is better to cancel the plan.

Guessing on three coins

Here, too, there are several options to know the future.The easiest to use women yuletide.Three pieces of paper written in different desires, after which each wrapped in a coin.Then they are placed under the pillow at night.Waking up, you need to get one of the coins: the desire to be fulfilled, written on a piece in which she was wrapped.Another option divination - to put under the pillow at night three coppers of various sizes, wrapped in a sheet of paper on which is written the same desire.In the morning to get the first available coin: turned out great - wish will come true soon, the average - will be executed, but not immediately, small - all further useless waiting.

Book of Changes as a way to learn the fate of

All peoples for many centuries, the popular Chinese divination coins and ancient "I Ching."The Book of Changes includes 64 different hexagrams with drawings of continuous or broken lines - this is the source of interpretation of predictions.For divination need three new coins (well, if they are intended for this purpose).The main condition - to know exactly at what exactly the question I want to get the answer.

three coins thrown in turn 6 times up, then determined which side had fallen 2-3 coins turned up after a fall and a piece of paper a line is drawn: the eagle - a solid, tails - intermittent.The result will be 6 different, and perhaps even the same images.Appeared on paper drawing corresponds with hexagrams in the Book of Changes (it is necessary to have at hand), where he is given the interpretation of the result.

Guessing on the coins of the book involves the mandatory compliance with several regulations:

  • question needs to be set only once;
  • during a session, you can not get more than one response;
  • fall if a hexagram with a bad interpretation, do not be upset: the ancient Chinese wisdom can allow both, positive prediction;
  • all make come true wishes should be directed only to the benefit of other people.

And finally, a few important tips.You should always remember that the money - a source of positive and negative energy, because they kept a lot of hands.So, divination coins will be safe if you use copper money specifically for this purpose - they should be stored in a separate bag.It is sure to be a few minutes to hold a coin in your hand - it will charge them with their energy.After guessing it is recommended to wash hands and face with the words: "The water from the dirt of money taken."