Design pedicure - interesting ideas

Every girl tends to look spectacular.Well-groomed feet will always be the object of men's attention and, therefore, do not forget about such an important procedure pedicure.

And summer will contribute to demonstrate not only beautiful, graceful legs with excellent heels and nails, but also your creative approach to the design of nails.Design pedicure is able to emphasize the individuality of women and complement its image.

elegantly and simply

And though fashion does not stand still, every year there are new trends.Still the most simple, but at the same time remains pedicure elegant striped design.Laconic and restrained design pedicure gives you the opportunity to show their creativity.Take into service in performing a few simple tips:

  • For variety, you can use bright, juicy colors.Especially interesting to look neon paints.Multi-colored nails look absolutely delicious and in summer.
  • Be creative and experiment.Nakraste two or three claw dramatically different from the other colors.
  • Look for bottles with sequins.A little gloss on some nails and a beautiful design pedicure ready.
  • Try rainbow coloring.Apply paint to match the colors of the rainbow - it is fashionable, unusual, interesting.

Classic pedicure: Design "French»

This type of pedicure is always relevant.French is ideal for everyday and for the image of the evening.A few tips:

  • width "smile" on all marigolds should be the same and very thin.This pedicure is perfect.
  • to diversify the classic French pedicure, dilute all kinds of design patterns, patterns, sequins.Just remember the least, you should not overdo it.
  • Apply instead of the standard white "smile" bright line.Do not experiment with the dark tones - it will not look very neat.

Run jacket will help you special stencils or thin brush.Choose a convenient option for you and give the true beauty of your legs.

Rhinestones and luxurious shine

crystals and stones on the nails - is not only fashionable, but also very beautiful.Attractive shine on beautifully decorated marigolds looks really stylish and fascinating.Summer - the best time for design with rhinestones.

Design pedicure with beautiful pebble on the claw to attract the attention of others, highlighting your personality and impeccable taste.But here is a necessary measure.The design should be light and harmonious.Do not overload it is a huge number of multi-colored stones.Also pastes should not be too large, neat little pebbles looks perfect on nogotochki compared with huge and too bright.

So, how to place rhinestones to look stylish?Tips:

  • can arrange rhinestones at the base of each nail in the center.It is beautiful, easy and very gently looks at the fingers.If
  • summer pedicure involves design patterns on marigold, then using wondering pebble easily finish ornament, it can be used as single crystals, and more.
  • If planned festive event and outfit with accessories chosen according to him, try to decorate the entire nail with small shiny pebbles - this is a very interesting and unusual.
  • of strazikov also possible to make stripes on the nails: vertical, horizontal, diagonal - will look great either.

design with rhinestones - perfect for outdoor footwear.

designs and patterns

where a flight for unlimited imagination.The original solutions and ideas that come to mind, you can easily realize, to experiment on his marigolds.But there are some interesting designs, which are always in trend.

  • Floral patterns are always relevant.Delicate petals, bright buds and other well-blended with light dresses and stylish costumes.And if the floral design is made in the style of decorating - it's just great.
  • Abstract design - that's where the field of creativity, you can make even the most daring and bold ideas.

Drawing on nails - great for artists and lovers of unusual.

interesting, bold, classic and unusual design of your nails will give your image a special attraction.