The basic program of compulsory health insurance in 2011

must know and understand the basic principles that are implemented in practice basic program of compulsory medical insurance :

· Guarantee free medical care

· Contributions OMC determined by the state

· The equality of all entities and members of the MLA

· Availabilityand quality health care for all insured persons

insured persons may be citizens of the Russian Federation, refugees and foreign nationals.Policyholders are employers.Notaries, lawyers and private entrepreneurs to pay contributions for themselves.For the insured unemployed people is the executive body of the Federation.Insurer is the federal health insurance fund. And all together - are subjects of health insurance.

Insured persons have the right to choose the medical insurance organizations and institutions to change it once a year at the request of, and certainly when you move to a new location, choose a doctor, receive information on the services provided, to receive compensation for damage caused by error or omission of physicians.

Turning to a medical facility for medical care a person must present a MHI policy.Always report any changes to your insurance company, a change of name, place of residence, the medical establishment.For the children's parents are choosing an insurance company.

Rights and Obligations regulates insurers basic program of compulsory medical insurance, which gives information on the registration and deregistration in connection with the termination of the insured, on the payment in full or in arrears MLA.

basic program of compulsory medical insurance single and operates all over the country.First aid, prevention and first aid.Specialized medical care is provided in many surgical, therapeutic diseases, injuries and infectious diseases, children and women during pregnancy and childbirth.Exceptions are tuberculosis, HIV infection, genital infections, mental illness.

the Ministry of Health developed basic program of compulsory medical insurance , which is approved by the government.Insurance premiums paid by the insured are at the expense of territorial assets -2% and -1.1% federal funding, which are accumulated and used in the delivery of health care services.

health insurance companies follow the volume, quality and timing of assistance to insured persons, protecting their interests.In addition, they carried out the reception of insured citizens, provide them with information about the list of medical services within the MLA.Enter into contracts with clinics and hospitals and insurance policies issued to employers.Workers at the plant for employment take a policy from his employer and return it to the dismissal.If you lose an employee is issued a duplicate of the policy for a fee, and the former policy is canceled.

C 2011 introduced the policy of a single sample. health insurance system in the Russian Federation guarantee the necessary medical care free of charge to all citizens and non-citizens of the Russian Federation residing in its territory.But some practical advice people need to remember that as little as possible of conflict or disputes in their lives:

1. There are many different competent professionals and healthcare facilities, know how to properly make your choice.

2. If you have problems communicating with physician consult the head of the department or the deputy.the chief doctor of the medical work to resolve all the issues.

3. In case of violation of your rights to free medical care, please contact the insurance company in writing to protect their interests.

4. In the event of doubt as to the legality of the payment for medical services, specify a list of your insurance company.

5. When you pay for medical services keep the contract, checks to present them with the proceedings of the insurance company in order to obtain compensation.

6. Treat all questions to the managers of hospitals, insurance companies and experts skilled in territorial funds.