Good to know about fur and fur coats

coming winter brings thoughts about the change of clothing and the acquisition of fashionable outerwear, one of the most luxurious versions that have traditionally been considered furs.

Fur - the oldest and most traditional material in the history of clothing.Which is only to use it either - as a protection from the cold, as a sign of power, as a shelter, like a rug and even a means of payment.

Today fur - a symbol of luxury and prestige, social status and prosperity.This beautiful and practical material made almost everything - handbags, shoes, home furnishings, notebooks ... and, of course, coats.

fur coat fur coat, as you know - different.Faux fur, in recent years, won the majority of the domestic market of outdoor clothing, is now losing ground.On the counter back expensive fur.

Natural mink warm, even in summer, because her employer knows that it is a piece of art hanging in her closet, waiting for his "finest hour."And in terms of domestic frost preferably natural wear fur.

approach to the selection of a fur product should be thoroughly.It is necessary to define with several parameters.First, you need to decide what animal fur coat you want.The options are many, and today we offer for your consideration the most relevant of them.

Strange but true.Chinchilla fur is not always so appreciated as it is today.In the XIX century, for example, the scale of values ​​of fur does not coincide with the current.In her chinchilla it means only at the 10th place.In general, women of fashion are not advised to wear this fur, as, say, gray shades profitable entity.

Today chinchilla among the three most expensive furs.Unfortunately, this is not very chic fur socks.In addition, exclusive chinchilla requires a fair amount of delicacy in circulation.In a long fur coat chinchilla riding is not recommended: scrapings from the skins are very thin and pulling may simply tear.

Mink fur - one of the most traditional and the most expensive furs.It is sleek, shiny and feels very soft and silky.This fur came into fashion in the second half of the last century, and today all the ladies of the world continue to flaunt in mink coats.By evening dresses worn chic mink capes and stoles.The burrow can flaunt around 10 seasons, but only on condition that the fur will not be painted, plucked or subjected to other processing fashion.

champion to wear are considered products of otters: with proper care they serve faithfully for 20 seasons!When Russian explorers first saw sea otters of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, they realized that they face a "real money."Wear fur otter fur in fact taken as 100%.The advantages of this fur is and impermeability.These animals have not learned to breed in captivity, they reproduce slowly enough so the production of fur - is not easy.

flirty and playful natures is include the long fox fur.This lush fur can increase energy and give its owner a certain share of sensibility, so often used fox fur in a luxurious evening models.At the end of the XIX century, the St Petersburg newspapers wrote: "The fox admire its many shades.We can say that after death it is able to make all kinds to help the coquetry of women. "Until the thirties it was usually on the fur trim.And only in 1932, Marlene Dietrich appeared on the screen in a fur coat fox.According to the parameters of luxury and wearability is not inferior to a fox mink.

Fur Rabbit has always been popular.The demand for this kind of fur garments is easy to explain: the relatively low price, ease of fur, reasonable "TEPLOSTEN" and plasticity products.By purchasing a product from the fur of a rodent, it must be remembered that it comes into disrepair after three or four seasons.

In pursuit of cheapness can seriously lose quality.If you do not want to buy instead of the coveted mink artful image painted Mexican coney, pay attention to the rules for the acquisition of fur coats, which we describe below.

coat Check susceptibility to hair loss.As the tug coat of pile - if the fingers are hair or podpushek, then you are dealing with an inferior product.Do not believe the vendors that are sure to try to convince you that the villi with a new coat should fall off within a week.Falling leaves in autumn, and the right wrought fur holds firmly.

checking fur strength, and check its resistance.Squeeze the bottle in his fist.It would be nice if he did not sleep, and quickly came to its original state.

If you decide to buy dyed coat (by the way, wears such a thing 20 percent faster than natural), be sure to check the quality of the painting.Rub the skin with a handkerchief.Ideally, on the subject of hygiene should not remain any traces.

After these checks compression, pull-out and chafing fur, feel the seams.Rest assured, if the seam appeared fine and not too prominent, but if you do not hit upon it - to think about.It may well be that in front of you - laminated products.

Try to buy fur in large shops to minimize the risk to spend their money on a fake.

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