BTL-events - what is it?

Surely you have seen in the newspaper advertisement about finding employees posted questions like: "Wanted promoters, merchandisers and supervisors» or «BTL- activities: conducting and organization."A few years ago, these words sounded funny and somewhat unpleasant to our ears, but today everyone knows their value.

Actually BTL-events can significantly contribute to sales growth and bring the goods to a new level.In addition, it is a simple way to make money for those who have free time after school or job.If you are not in the subject, then this post is for you.

BTL- and ATL-event

Returning a little into the past to decipher the abbreviation «BTL» and «ATL».These concepts are interrelated and are often used together, especially when expenditures are negotiated on a promotional event.These terms are used in large corporations and small companies from the mid-20th century, when one of the directors of the corporation "Procter & Gamble" has signed an estimate for the costs.It did not take into account the money that will go to the distribution of promotional samples of products, and this is no small sum.Then the head of the hand drew a line under the total of the bottom and finished the missing numbers.

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It is this feature, and "bore" a term that is still used today.Since those costs that are advertising in the form of promotions, tastings, distribution of leaflets called BTL-with the activities (below the line).Expenditures related to direct advertising on television, radio, called ATL (above the line).

BTL-events: what is it

We tend to think that the work - it is something to do with the office or factory, permanent jobs and experienced strict boss.However, in this case, as the BTL-events, things are different.Available in your city's major shopping malls and provides an excellent opportunity to earn extra money on this form of advertising.This distribution of brochures and product samples, conducting tastings, advice on product.It does not matter whether you have experience in the industry or not - sociable, active and smiling people in advertisements are always needed.Age, too, is not very important.

Employers prefer to deal with students and young mummy - this group of people is unpretentious and fairly obedient.What you need to do to participate in this form of advertising and how much you can earn?

«Sell, Shura, sell»

As practice shows, BTL-events - sometimes even more effective way to sell a product than the expensive ads on TV.Nonetheless, for greater effect is best to use both types of advertising.

manufacturer can not be sure that the ATL dostuchitsya to the consumer.It is unlikely that you love advertising and obediently her look, is not it?In magazines we often turn over bright glossy pages and billboards is not much considering.But you must admit that if the store, we will offer free or smell the new perfume will be treated (again free) piece of a new chocolate, then we are happy to try out the goods.Why no?

Sellers must be smiling, have to communicate, pleasant people.Higher education is not necessary, but an innate charisma and communication skills come in handy.You do not know how to convince and, in general, you find it difficult to talk to a stranger?If you need money, then just one day of practice, you will discover a gift speaker and human friendly.

Where to go to work

Knowledgeable people say about the BTL-events, it's a great way to earn extra money.How does it work in practice?How to build a working day and where you can find all this work?Pay attention to the ads in the newspaper, for example, "required the promoters, consultants, part-time students."Feel free to dial the number and ask what kind of job offer and what it cost.Immediately warned that you will definitely need a medical book.

Where exactly you are sent to work and what exactly do you do decide supervisor (this is the next link after the promoter).Since stores in the city a lot, and options for quite a while because you can define a job close to home.

What time held BTL-events?These are the hours that people are most heavily visited shopping centers, that is the evening on weekdays and weekend morning.It is appropriate at this time to carry out the action and other activities, and therefore for full-time students BTL-events are suitable for part-time work as well as possible.

How much revenue can bring participated in advertising

What kind of work, you have already understood.How much money you can earn by participating in such events?Payment for the work, as a rule, hourly, and varies depending on what action you are involved.The lowest charge for distributing leaflets (about 40-80 rubles per hour), the largest - of cigarette advertising, high-end liquor, jewelry jewelery (100-500 rubles per hour).

easy to calculate that, laboring for 4-5 hours a day several times a week, you can earn as much as an accountant or an economist.

Are there career opportunities for those who work in BTL

be a mistake to think that working promoter, you do not have a chance to grow in terms of career.In fact, this is a great start for those who like marketing and sales.After working as a promoter, you can become a supervisor.Here, in addition to communication skills and ability to persuade, you need the ability to organize and manage.Supervisor (from Eng. Supervise, what it means to "control") is negotiating with the management of retail outlets to hold shares, trains promoters and ensures that they work.

supervisor Besides, you can become a brand manager.This is a great profession for marketers, because the brand manager thinks that can be done to make products more recognizable and purchased.Another step - Director promootdela.If you are doing a fine job with the role of supervisor, you may be able to guide not only the work of promoters and supervisors.


What practical benefits are BTL- event?Examples are obvious - for the manufacturer of the goods is a way to increase sales, make the product more recognizable and buy.

also allow such activities to earn a good idea.By participating in such actions several times a week, you can earn an income comparable to the salary of an office worker.