How to build a press girlfriend at home?

How to build a press girlfriend at home?The fairer sex has always dream of having a flat stomach and is constantly looking for ways to realize his dream into reality.Some people like to do in the gym, someone enjoys fitness.Most of the girls perform exercises on the muscles (pump up the press) at home.But there are those who prefer movement outdoors.

There are many techniques and exercises that explain how to build a press girlfriend at home quickly and efficiently.The lessons can be applied special trainers and weights, load duration can be prolonged and intense.Every girl is a program for yourself and performs it regularly, choosing a convenient time for training.To achieve the goal, and maintain excellent form is necessary to ensure that the exercise into a habit.

How to build a press girlfriend at home?There is a set of simple exercises.For these exercises, you will need (besides willpower and desire) is only a sofa.You can adapt himself just a couple of weeks, then training will take 6-10 minutes of free time.All exercises are performed 20 times at an accelerated pace with small gaps at the break.But before the press to pump up the girl at home, you need to perform a five-minute warm-up the muscles of the abdominal region (trunk rotation, tilt and twist in opposite directions).

  1. Sit on the edge of the sofa, his hands rest against the edge, lift and straighten your legs.Performs folding legs to his chest and back.
  2. Lie on your back (on the floor), head rest against the couch, and his hands to grab the edge of it.It is necessary to raise the legs up at a 90 degree angle.
  3. in the same position to do the exercise "bike".Break 16-20 seconds.
  4. Staying in the same position (point 2), you need to bend your knees to your chest tighten and return back (feet on the floor do not fall) while performing body rocking.
  5. Change the position of the body - legs on the sofa throw back, back left lying on the floor.Hands folded together and drag them to the knees (and vice versa).
  6. Changing the position of the body - the starting position as in step 2. It is necessary to raise the legs and stand in a pose "candle".Performed flexion movement legs up and down as if they have to catch the ball.Break 16-20 seconds.
  7. starting position as in step 5. Put your hands behind your head and turns to perform twisting left and right, trying to catch up to the left elbow right knee (or vice versa).This waist should not come off the floor.
  8. then pull the hands forward and do the same exercise (7), only need to start the hand alternately by the right leg, then his left.
  9. Change position - to lie on the sofa, his buttocks rest against the vertical portion of the back leg to throw back, hands cling to the inner edge.Bent left leg foot rests on the right knee, and leg movements are performed firming the breast.Then change legs should be reversed.

These exercises belong to the middle level of complexity, but, having mastered this technique, it is possible to build muscle in a month.