Regional gross domestic product: the structure, volume calculation

economic status of each subject of the Russian Federation makes the topical application of a variety of tools to assess the economic well-being, financial and balance of competition not only in the domestic but also in the global market.These tools are essential for the effective implementation of the federal policy, which is directed at eliminating disparities interregional type, to strengthen the integrity of the economy and politics.Independence of the regions leads to the actualization of regional policy and the importance of such thing as gross regional product.

Dataware using GRP

Prosperity fiscal federalism becomes the urge to develop regional management solutions with modern approach to information security and economic feasibility.The optimum basis for analyzing the characteristics of a market economy in favor of a complex type system of national accounts, or SNA.At the regional level, SNA serves format CDS (the system of regional accounts).The central position in the SNA belongs to the gross domestic product, or GDP.Regional GDP in the SNA analogue - a regional gross domestic product, or RVP.This indicator shows the level of economic development is a reflection of the results of economic activity of each of the business entities within the region.GRP is used as the basis for the formation of regional accounts.

Why GRP calculation is performed?

In Russia, located about 89 administrative-territorial formations, located in different time zones, differing geographical location and level of economic and social development.GDP reflects only the general situation in the country, without giving clear to see how things work in its various parts, which eliminates the chance of making objective decisions.The state is interested in the data, which are capable of comprehensively characterize the situation in each part of the country.

differentiated information, the source of which is the gross regional product, allows you to develop appropriate economic policies and evaluate the effectiveness of the decisions made not at the level of the country and at the regional level.With the dynamics of GRP, in conjunction with cost and natural indicators, it is possible to set the direction and intensity of economic processes, which may at the interregional level to serve a strong impetus to the development.GRP plays an important role in the calculation of the macroeconomic indicators, and in the reform of the inter-regional relations.The index serves as a benchmark in the process of distribution of funds from the "Fund for Financial Support of the region of the Russian Federation."

So what is GRP?

gross regional product is, in fact, a generalized economic indicator is characterized by the level of economic development of the region.It reflects and characterizes the process of production of goods and services.GRP says about what the value of all goods and services produced in all economic sectors in a particular region.In the early stages of implementation indicators in economic analysis of the data published at market prices.Evaluation of the GRP in the format of the basic price is significantly different from the estimates in the market for exactly the amount of net taxes on products.Subsidies are not included.GRP dominant shops reflects the amount of value added at basic prices to focus on a certain type of economic activity.

GRP structure, or what it includes

gross regional product is calculated according to the basic price, which leaves per unit of product or service.Taxes are not taken into account, but are taken into account the subsidies on products.Gross value added is calculated in each sector of economic activity as the difference between output of goods and services and intermediate consumption.During the reporting period, the total price of goods and services within the same region and is the volume of output.The issue includes already sold goods to the services at market value.To calculate the average is used.Work in progress is accounted for in gross output, but only at cost.Intermediate consumption includes the value of goods to services, which are fully used in production during the reporting period.Fixed capital for calculation of intermediate consumption is irrelevant.Expenditures on the final use of GRP include the cost of households in the state institutions and collective services.Estimating the gross regional product and its structure, it is possible to determine the sources of funding for the final consumer.

Options calculation

In today's economy is common to use several options for the calculation of the GRP.The manufacturing method of calculating the index used in the production stage.He is, in fact, the sum of gross value added, which is formed by each institutional unit resident in the economic territory of the region.Gross regional product, which is calculated based on the difference between output of goods and services and intermediate consumption, generated based on the prices of goods and services, is fully employed in the production is carried out at the level of industries and sectors of the regional economy.GRP can be calculated on the basis of current market prices by comparing them.

The difference between GDP and GRP

gross regional product, which is calculated for each of the regions is quite different from the GDP.The difference between - is the amount of added value.These include:

  • non-market collective services of government agencies: defense management.
  • Non-market services, which are financed from the budget, but the information about them is available at the regional level.
  • services of financial institutions whose activities are almost always extends beyond a single region.
  • Services related to foreign trade, data on which are collected at the federal level.

gross domestic product: the indicator features

The difference between GDP and GRP formed expenses for taxes in connection with importation and exportation.This value is very difficult to calculate because of its specificity and uneven integration between different regions.The gross regional product by region is calculated for 28 months.Methods SAC provides a more rapid result.The government uses a variety of mechanisms to monitor the dynamics and growth rate.An interesting fact is that the sum of all the GRP does not correspond to the GDP, which is determined by the specifics of the calculations and excluding extra costs.

On the basis of what data is calculated GRP?

multifaceted structure of the gross regional product at the same time defines the use of a large number of sources to calculate parameter values.So, in the CIS countries, experts take into account the business registers and records of production and sales of goods to services, reports on manufacturing costs.Are taken into account sample surveys and ad hoc reporting at the regional level.The calculation is made on employment and the reports on the basis of surveys of each segment of the economy, based on the survey of household budgets.Significant source of information are the data of the tax authorities and banking statistics, reports, public organizations and data on the implementation of different types of budget.

GRP practice Russian

gross regional product in the Russian regions to fully characterize the level of development of the region and is associated with the macro-level indicators.He plays the role of the territorial factor in the development of social and economic processes.The basis used for calculating the values ​​of methodological principles of SNA, the development of which was carried out in the framework of FSGS.Publication of the results after prior approval is also carried out at the level of FSGS.

Forecasting gross regional product is carried out on the basis of data collected from all residents of the regional economy.It can be corporations, quasi-corporations and households, whose center of economic interest lies directly in this region.For the first time calculation and analysis of the gross regional product was carried out in 1991 on 21 regions.Since 1993 took part in the calculation of all the regional and territorial authorities.Since 1995, the evaluation and calculation of GRP is a prerequisite for implementation of the "Federal program."Only since 1997 has begun evaluation of the dynamics of the index.It provides a basis for the implementation of sound economic policies in the sphere of production and industry, accounting for almost all regions account for 60 to 80 per cent of total GRP.