The best juicer for hard fruit and vegetables

Any doctor will a lot of arguments in favor of fresh juice.On its medicinal properties go whole legend.Someone might say, why make the juice, because at present, the range is large enough to store.However, not all pay attention to the technology of its manufacture.First of all such juices are the canning process, and this is resulting in a loss of 50% of vitamins.Also, some manufacturers use a variety of nutritional supplements that are not always good for human health.

So, having understood the virtues of fresh juice, you must choose the right juicer.To do this, you need to immediately decide what specifications it must have.It is worth to explore the pre-built functions.Universal model is solid juicer fruits and vegetables.Customer reviews are more positive about this unit, indicating that the quality of the goods.

Juicer Universal

Such devices are able to squeeze the juice like a fruit and vegetables, including citrus fruits.Manufacturers set for universal model quite powerful filters that provide quality work.For one moment, he makes about 1000 rpm.Namely these options allow you to squeeze the juice, even from hard vegetables.Currently sells two types of universal models:

  1. cylindrical juicer fruits and vegetables it is convenient to use.Unlike the second embodiment, the juice can squeeze much more.But in order to qualitatively wash it, you will need to completely disassemble all the parts.
  2. conical separator.Its advantage is the availability of a special container, which is placed after squeezing juice cake.It is easy to remove, so wash your juicer large work will not make.However, such models have one drawback: the amount of juice drops significantly.

conducting a survey among buyers and pushing hear feedback from, you can make a clear conclusion which juicer better.Many prefer the conical models, so their assortment is much wider.

Universal juicer: advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of such models is that one device can squeeze the juice from both firm vegetables and soft fruits.An exception may be the products that are listed in the instructions.

Let us turn to the shortcomings:

  • large size of the device;
  • high cost;
  • juicing and subsequent washing device lasts at least 20 min, regardless of the number of processed foods;
  • often fall into the liquid milled bone.

Citrus juicers

This household appliance has a special cone nozzle that maximizes cooking juice from citrus fruits.Ordinary juicer fruits and vegetables in this case will not be as profitable.The conclusions can be made based on feedback from the hosts, who prefer fresh juice.

Citrus juicers are only designed for a certain type of fruit, such as grapefruit, orange, lemon.In order to squeeze out the juice, you will need to cut the citrus half.When you turn on the device cone tip starts to rotate.It put half a fruit and a little pressed down with your hand or a special device.Juice at this point flows into a special container.


  • capacity ranging from 400 to 1200 ml;
  • cone nozzles used for fruits of different diameters;
  • motor capacity from 20 to 80 watts.

Additional features:

  • control of pulp - the distance between the slits affects the density of juicing;
  • direct supply of liquid instead of allowing use of glass containers;
  • modes change direction of rotation of the nozzle, allowing maximum quality squeeze the juice.

Because of specialization such juicers do not occupy leading positions in the rankings.It should immediately be noted that for the preparation of large amounts of juice, for example, for preservation, it is recommended to use other devices with knives, filters and centrifuges.

Centrifugal model

This juicer for hard vegetables (ratings allow multiple users to judge its effectiveness) operates on the principle of a grater.Fruit falling inwards ground into slurry, and then under the action of centrifugal fluid passes through a strainer and bagasse or leans to a special container or remains in the central hole.Such models can not be used for fruits with stones, squeeze the juice because of them out.

device characteristics:

  • power of about 500 watts;
  • bowl volume an average of 1 liter;
  • conical or cylindrical separator;
  • metal mesh.

centrifugal juicer for hard fruits and vegetables professional is often used in such places as restaurants, hotels, cafes and others where there is a constant demand for fresh juice.

auger juicer

These models are mostly mechanical.They represent the similarity grinder.They have a shaft, a knife and a special tip-Net.Lifetime them much more than the electrical.Ideal for fruits with stones.Many people may call it outdated, but for the preparation of large displacement needed just such a juice extractor for hard fruits and vegetables.Rating of these models is quite high due to their functionality.They have for a long time do not lose their popularity.

method of juicing:

  1. in the hole loaded fruit.
  2. Use the handle starts to rotate the shaft.
  3. Fruits of moving the knife and milled.
  4. through a nozzle-grid juice begins to flow.
  5. The filter cake out through the hole.

advantage of these models is a high performance: 1 hour can be processed about 50 kg of fruit.

Which is better - imported or domestic juicer?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to understand several important nuances.

  1. Cost is one of the main criteria.Although, of course, there are exceptions.As a rule, expensive juicer for hard vegetables and fruits is made of high quality material.Sometimes domestic manufacturers exhibited models that are not inferior to imported and the price pleasantly pleased.But better to trust has proven to firms that specialize in the manufacture of such devices.
  2. Design Juicer is significantly different.Imported models are beautiful forms, all sorts of functions, it is worth noting not always useful.However, in comparison with the domestic, they are quite suitable for cooking large amounts of juice.
  3. Another important indicator - noise.It is worth noting that our model is significantly inferior to imported.During use, they produce noise comparable to the work of the vacuum cleaner.In comparison, import juicers having an average value rather quiet.
  4. Performance domestic models is much higher, so this issue should be guided only by personal preference.

Yet, according to the results of social polls, more credible cause juicers imported well-known manufacturers.Rating led companies such as Bosh, Electrolux, Philips, Moulinex and others.

Optimum juicer

Depending on the number of family members choose the size of the container.For example, one person will approach a little hard juicer fruits and vegetables, calculated per 200 ml.Such models are quite popular, so they are in range of each manufacturer.But on 4 or more people it is recommended to buy the unit from 1500 ml.This is quite useful if you sit down for breakfast all at one time.

large juicers If everything is clear, it is worth stopping at the small details.They have many advantages:

  1. Compact.
  2. Direct feeding juice directly into the glass.
  3. Multiple speeds, making it as efficient as possible.
  4. possibility of even squeeze the juice of greens.

Rating manufacturers

  • Panasonic offers models with blender.Of course, this affects the cost of the device, but in general they are not only comfortable, but also economical.
  • Juicer for hard fruit and vegetable company DeLonghi, as claimed by the Italian manufacturers, equipped with radio and suppression telepomeh.
  • Braun Company produces models that are 100% protected against overloads.
  • Moulinex devices have proven themselves as the most airtight.
  • Bosch juicers are designed for processing of berries;it is worth noting that this is a rare feature.
  • Switzerland took care of automatic cooling of the engine.On models of firm Rotel installed special air system.

few tips

  1. Juicer for hard fruits and vegetables should be made of quality plastic.Metal parts should only be chromed.
  2. transparent (or, as they call the manufacturers, clarified) juice is obtained only from hard fruits and muddy and thick - from a soft, because they contain more than flesh.
  3. There are certain fruits which, in any case, can not be used in a juicer.For example, figs, mango, banana.
  4. If the carrot juice stained plastic parts, the soda helps to wash the shade.
  5. Under no circumstances hard and fibrous fruits can not be processed.

Juicer for hard fruits and vegetables helps to always keep themselves and their households in tone.I wish you health!