What is the profession of a welder?

Job welder - working specialty, quite popular these days.Welding - Compound products without the use of fasteners.Welding work is carried out on every production: in mechanical engineering, machine tools, metallurgy, housing and communal services, automotive engineering, shipbuilding, agriculture.From the quality of the welding depends on the operational life of various equipment.Due to the welding can be securely and reliably connect not only new items of products, but also to repair the old ones.

What skills should have a specialist

welder must know:

  • technology in melting metals, the fundamentals of electrical engineering;
  • properties of gases at antioxidation;
  • principles and methods of operation of the equipment required for welding;
  • safety and regulations on labor protection;
  • have knowledge of physics and chemistry at the level of the school curriculum.

For personal qualities welder include:

  • perseverance;
  • diligence;
  • intelligence;
  • orderly as harmful and dangerous work;
  • excellent vision;
  • responsibility.

What is the responsibility of the welder

Profession welder requires:

  • produce only high-quality products;
  • plan the timing and volume of the work;
  • observe welding mode;
  • order new materials required for the work;
  • maintain records and a report of work performed;
  • to comply with safety regulations;
  • possible to raise the level of productivity;
  • improve technologies, methods of work, to engage in research.

What categories correspond to the profession

1. Welder-presser.Forging welding subject to piping, steel tanks, dot units, structures, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic materials and alloys, cutting tools.

2. Welder diffusion welding systems.The object of the work is unique and expensive components, metal parts, multi-diffusion welding systems, extensive construction of honeycomb panels, nitrogen saturation metal fixtures.

3. Welder electron beam installations.The work is related to the vacuum electron beam welding expensive nodes, alloy products, limited to heat, as with small-size, miniature products, metals and alloys, of a thickness of not more than 0.8 mm.

4. Welder-termitchik.Welding parts thermite method, setting the press, forms of coating, the recess of special shapes, drying, firing and production of crucibles, formulation for them, as well as work with termites, its screening, crushing, mixing, packing.Duties include processing mechanisms and by operation of ventilation systems.

5. Gas welder.Duties include welding with liquid gas parts and assemblies of any complexity, steel, cast iron and metal pipes under the influence of vibration, high pressure cutting, metal casting hard alloys.

6. welders.El.Welder is obliged to make an arc, gas and plasma welding of steel, iron alloys and parts of any complexity, building structures, use the cutter for cutting metal, cooking, steel, titanium structures, devices, components exposed to vibration and dynamic loads, execute welds in any plane,direction and position, weld metals and alloys, complex block designs.


welders welders qualifications, their professional qualities and skills are evaluated by awarded by the discharge.A total of six.The salary of a welder depends on his qualifications.

1 digit - welders plastic products.Duties include disassembly, assembly elements for welding, simple welding work on plastic bags and pieces.

2 level - master of thermite welding.There must be the ability to use simple drawings to produce plasma and arc welding.

3 level - the product of all the main types of welding, especially manual and arc.

category 4 - manual, electric arc, plasma welding, flame cutting more complex parts.

5 level - welding parts and components of high complexity, vacuum connections.Pressure welding, electron beam exposure.

6 level - perform any type of work related to the oil and gas pipelines, of any complexity, high-class specialist and generalist.

What is the salary of welders

Today, the lack of staff - a common phenomenon.In college graduates with no work experience income is between $ 500 and at a high level - from $ 1000 and above.Salary depends on the discharge welder, skill level, place of work.The same order can be paid in different ways.Oil and gas industry - over-paying occupations.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Profession welder high demand in the market, given decent wages welders professionals.Significant drawbacks are quite heavy, bad working conditions, the negative impact of electric arcs and ultraviolet radiation on the eyes, inhaling noxious fumes of gas and dust, resulting in asthma, silicosis, pneumoconiosis.

This can not work as a welder

Workers welders operate in hazardous conditions, and equal to the high-risk category.Persons who have cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, eye problems, nervous system, unstable mentality, is strictly forbidden to work in this specialty.It is undesirable to work as a welder in the presence of allergies, degenerative disc disease, sciatica.After passing the medical examination citizens with these diseases may be excluded from work.


In future profession welder is to receive vocational training, work experience, training.

career ladder is as follows: Brigadier - Technician - Technologist - Engineer - Head of Department - Head of the enterprise - the designer - the designer - chief engineer.The speed of advancement up the career ladder depends on the quality of the employee as well as his personal ambitions.