Black hole.

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As for the scientists of past centuries, and for researchers of our time the greatest mystery of the cosmos is a black hole.What's inside this completely unknown to the physics of the system?What laws are there?As time goes into a black hole, and why there can not escape, even light quanta?Now we will try, of course, from the point of view of the theory rather than practice, to understand what's inside a black hole, why it is, in principle, and it is formed, how it draws the objects that surround it.

To begin describe the object

So a black hole is called a certain region of space in the universe.Select it as a separate star or planet can not be, because it is not solid and gas body.Without a basic understanding of what space-time, and how these measurements can be modified, you can not comprehend what is inside a black hole.The fact that this region is not only a spatial unit.This object, which distorts the three we know of measurement (length, width and height), and the timeline.Scientists believe that in the area of ​​the horizon (the so-called area surrounding the hole) accepting the spatial importance and can move both forward and backward.

know the mysteries of gravity

If we want to understand what's inside a black hole, we consider in detail what gravitation.This phenomenon key to understanding the nature of the so-called "wormholes" of which is not selected even light.Gravity is an interaction between all bodies, which are the material basis.The strength of such gravity depends on the molecular composition of the bodies, the concentration of the atoms and on their composition.The more particles collapsed in a certain region of space, the greater the gravitational force.It is inextricably linked with the theory of the Big Bang, when the universe was the size of a pea.It was a state of maximum singularity, and as a result of the flash of light quanta space began to expand due to the fact that the particles repel each other.On the exact opposite scientists described a black hole.What's inside this contraption under the TBR?Singularity, which is equal to that inherent in our universe at the moment of conception.

As matter falls into a "wormhole"?

Argued that people will never be able to understand what happens inside a black hole.Because, once there, it will be literally crushed by gravity and the force of gravity.In fact this is not true.Yes, indeed, the black hole is a region of singularity where everything is compressed to the maximum.But this is not a "cosmic vacuum cleaner", which is able to tighten in all the planets and stars.Any material object, appeared on the horizon of events, will observe a strong distortion of space and time (as long as these units are not included).Euclidean geometry of the system will begin to falter, in other words, parallel lines intersect, the outlines of stereometric figures cease to be habitual.As for time, it will gradually slow down.The closer you'll be closer to the hole, the slower will go to watch with respect to the Earth's time, but you do not notice.When injected into the "wormhole" the body will fall to zero speed, but this unit will be equal to infinity.This is the paradox of curvature, which equates to an infinite zero, which finally stops time in the singularity.

reaction to the light emitted

only objects in space, which attracts light, a black hole.What it is inside it, and in what form it is there - is unknown, but believed that it was pitch black, which is inconceivable.Light rays, getting there, do not just disappear.Their mass is multiplied by the weight of the singularity that makes it even more and increases its gravitational force.Thus, if within a "wormhole" you turn on the flashlight to look around, it will not light up.The emitted photons are constantly multiply the mass of the hole, and you, roughly speaking, only it exacerbates their situation.

black holes at every turn

As we have understood, the basis for the formation of points of no return is gravity, the value of which there are millions of times greater than Earth's.The exact idea of ​​what a black hole, Karl Schwarzschild gave the world that, in fact, opened the same event horizon and the point of no return, and found that nothing in the state of singularity is infinite.According to him, the black hole can be formed at any point in space.Thus a certain object material having a spherical shape, must reach the gravitational radius.For example, the mass of our planet must fit in the amount of peas to become a black hole.And the sun would have a diameter of 5 kilometers at its mass - then it becomes a singular state.

educational horizons of the new world

laws of physics and geometry perfectly valid on earth and in outer space, where space is nearing vacuum.But they completely lose its importance on the event horizon.That is why a mathematical point of view it is impossible to calculate that the black hole.Pictures that you can come up with if bends space in accordance with our ideas about the world, certainly far from the truth.It found only that time then converted into a spatial unit, and is likely to be added to the existing measurements still some.This makes it possible to believe that the black hole (photos, as you know, it does not show, as it eats the light itself) produced entirely different worlds.These universes may consist of antimatter, which is now unknown to scientists.There are also versions that the scope of default - this is just a portal that leads either to another world or in other parts of our universe.

Birth and death

Much more mysterious phenomenon than the existence of a black hole is its emergence or disappearance.Scope distorting space-time, as we have seen, is formed as a result of the collapse.This could be an explosion of a massive star, a collision of two or more bodies in space, and so on.But how matter, which theoretically could palpate, turned to the distortion of time?The mystery is in the process of work.But it is followed by a second question - why areas such defaults disappear?And if black holes evaporate, then why have not the light goes out and the whole cosmic matter, which they pulled?When the material in the area begins to expand the singularity, gravity is gradually reduced.As a result, the black hole simply dissolved and in its place is a conventional vacuum space.From this follows another mystery - Where are all the things that it has got?

Gravity - our key to a happy future?

The researchers believe that the energy future of humanity can form a black hole is.What's inside the system, yet unknown, but it was found that at the event horizon, any matter is transformed into energy, but, of course, in part.For example, people find themselves near the point of no return, give 10 percent of its material for its processing into energy.This figure is just huge, it became a sensation among astronomers.The fact is that in the world in nuclear fusion energy is converted into matter only 0.7 percent.