Archaeology - what is it?

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Archaeology - History is a discipline that studies the historical past of a man found evidence.These include works of art, instruments of production and the wealth of mankind.Unlike writing, these sources do not talk directly about the event occurs.Evidence-based conclusions about labor rights are the results of a scientific reconstruction.We can say that archeology is studying the results of the labor of mankind in the past.


Thanks to archaeological research, the story is incredibly expanded temporal and spatial horizon of knowledge.Writing, as reported by the news of archeology, was born about 5 thousand. Years ago.And the whole history of mankind, and it does not much is not enough 2 million. Years was known only from the beginning of the development of archeology.Archaeologists have found the first written sources, and 2 thousand. Years of their existence.This Babylonian cuneiform, and linear Greek writing and Egyptian hieroglyphs.The history of archeology is of great importance for periods of writing, the medieval and ancient history.The information that the study was obtained from real sources, and the perfect complement to confirm in writing.

Why are all hidden so deeply?

Remains of human activity called archaeological sites.They are considered treasures, canals, ancient mines, settlements, burial mounds, burial grounds and other facilities.As a rule, they are underground.The history of archeology has shown that not all of the mounds and mounds covered with earth, as, for example, were covered with volcanic ash from the eruption of Pompeii and Herculaneum.The most common disposal are buried under the ground as a result of human activity.In some coastal cities, you can find a heap of shells.They are the remaining ruins of ancient settlements under the shells of mollusks, which served as food for the ancient inhabitants.

Ancient House

In areas where the clay was the main building material, and now you can meet towering residential hills.They emerged from the destruction and dilapidation clay buildings.On the foundation built new homes over those others, and so for many millennia.

discovered the remains of ancient buildings are always recessed into the ground a few meters.Archaeologists give the following explanation: on top of the old bridge new flooring, covered trenches, erected temples were inside the old foundations.Formed as a result of human activity layers called cultural layer.It explains archeology that such a study of the cultural layer is its main purpose, namely, tracing the sequence of formation of layers, stratigraphy, and the history of archaeological sites.

historical finds dating

On distribution of cultural strata layers can determine the chronology of the finds.In the lowest layers of old things should be in the upper - finds relatively recent use.The aim of archeology is also the establishment of dating.They determine the exact dates, the real age of the found objects in years, centuries and even millennia.

Sometimes it is best to determine the exact dates.Through stratigraphy, such as in the story of Pompeii, from written sources it became known that the town was razed to the ground after the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius legendary.It happened in August 79 AD.e.According to the written sources can accurately determine the exact dates of the fires, the destruction of enemy captures and other accidents.But individual cases show that such principles of dating are not always correct.

specified period coins

Often date education monument of history is determined by the cultural layer of the coins.Minted coins began only in the 8-7 centuries.BC.e.on the Greek island of Aegina in Lydia.Therefore, archeology, what scientific method of absolute dating, knows firsthand.

primarily used radiocarbon, or as it is called, the radiocarbon method.In coal, wood and any other organic remains that archaeologists during excavations reveal, the radioactive carbon.He has the well-known half-life, t. E. On the carbon content can be determined during its contact with a layer of earth, up to 250 years.This method is good for determining the dates of periods of the past millennium.

method Kolchin

To help archaeologists recently by a new method of determining the exact date of the ancient period.Dendrohronoligichesky method was discovered by American archaeologists and first used by the Soviet scientist - archaeologist BA Kolchin during excavations in Novgorod.Archaeology has proved that such a calculation is one of the most accurate ways to determine the date.

Americans noticed that the width of the rings cut down a tree the same in all the trees that grow in different periods.Everyone knows that one ring full time to form for the year.In order to establish the exact date of the desired period of archaeologists, cut down a tree is enough to find the time.For example, if you find out the size and the number of rings of blockhouses laid in the foundation of the church, the date of construction of such facilities will probably already known from historical sources.Thus, as reported news archeology available scale growth rings, which can easily calculate any date.

Forbidden Archeology

Along with the excavations are authorized and secret - the ones on the outcome of which is not to say aloud.Here are some of the undisclosed secret finds.


Archaeologists have discovered lived 230 million years ago walking upright crocodiles.With their scientific Latin name translates as "the butcher of Carolina."This terrifying alligator name was due to its three-meter height, huge teeth and jaws.He could break any bones.The latest technology and three-dimensional scanners have helped scientists to recreate the animal and understand that this monster was the worst of the predators for thousands of years.Today erectus skeleton of a crocodile holds the American Museum of Archaeology.

Lost Treasure

not one year, scientists are struggling with the clue cards to the legendary treasures of Lu.Map encrypted Masonic symbols, and who is able to decipher the code, will receive 14 tons of pure gold.According to legend, it got gold in the United States with the Nazis during the Second World War.

In 1940, in the Bay of Baku stopped the Japanese army soldiers.The very same island of the Baku Bay is famous for its lost treasures.General of the Army decided to hide on this island jewel won because Japan had to capitulate and take home the treasure was dangerous.General buried gold and jewelry in 172 areas of the Philippine Islands.He planned to go back later and pick up the jewelry, but it did not happen.Today, the value of the hidden treasures of more than one billion dollars.Part of the treasure found in the 70s.

People giant

Science is skeptical about the existence of great people, but forbidden archeology proves the opposite.For many years, we found traces of the mysterious big men.Abnormally large size of bones, skulls found in various parts of the world.Today, nobody will be surprised human growth more than two meters, but even pictures of the XIX century showed that even at this time there were people much higher than 2 meters.

In 1911, Nevada was suspended mining guano.Scientists have discovered human remains huge.Institute of Archaeology gathered the bones together.It was found that the resulting skeleton belonged to a man, whose height is 3 meters 65 cm. Also, archaeologists surprised his jaw: it is three times the size of normal modern human jaw.

real sensation forbidden archeology has received in Australia.During production jasper was found a human tooth, a height of 67 mm and a width of 42 mm!Scientists have created a sample of the skeleton, it was found that the growth of the owner of the tooth is not less than 6 meters.

in India was discovered amazing discovery.The military found perfectly preserved skeletons of giant people.The bones were transferred to the Institute of Archeology and scientists to accurately measure their growth.It reached 12 meters!Geographical remains shut down immediately, as it is still forbidden archeology.

Evidence of the existence of people of giant

Australian excavations conclusively proved the existence of great people.Found stone tools is a silent witness of their life on earth.Weight knives, axes, clubs, chisels, plane ranged from 5 to 10 kg.Similar objects have been found near the Okavango River.American Museum of Archaeology put a bronze ax that is longer than 1 meter, and the blade - 50 cm. The total weight of this exhibit is 150 kg!Even the modern athlete is not able to cope with such tools.

No less significant artifacts are mysterious megalithic structures that can be found on each of the continents.All they silently speak of the existence of giants.

deserves special attention Lebanese Baalbek.This is a real city for giants, no other way to tell.At least, archeology, for the construction of what is in Lebanon, still can not explain scientifically.Amazing design with a perfectly fitted to each other with stone slabs.The weight of each of them up to 800 tons!

History has left a lot of mysteries and unexplained facts of mankind, and closer to the answers will help us excavation and study of archeology.