Earrings with two balls from two sides: the name and photo

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first earrings appeared many centuries ago in Egypt.It is interesting that at first they were only men.And it is on earrings can be found on the status: the more expensive they are, the higher the position occupied by men.It took a long time before earrings steel decoration of the beautiful half of humanity.Nowadays there is a huge variety of earrings, which are a sign of style and taste ladies.

Modern trends

Indeed, there is now a lot of earrings of different shapes, sizes and types.Almost every day, the world-famous designers offer interesting new products, which will soon become very popular.Creations products can be bold shapes and unusual design.Anyway, the producers began to use different materials in the process of their creation.Now you can find products with plastic, ceramic, wooden items.But the most surprising use of fur and feathers in their manufacture.Nevertheless, the majority of girls with good taste preference is still the traditional earrings made of precious metal.At the same time attention should be paid and a copy of the quality, it's not every girl has the money to buy expensive jewelry.

How to choose earrings?

woman's right to choose earrings is very difficult.In this case, it is necessary to look at the shape of the face, skin color, clothing style, hairstyle.In this case, you should not stick to the opinion of friends and saleswomen.It is important to pay attention to fashion trends.Although important to choose the accessories you like personally, because you'll be wearing them, and not someone else.Recently, high demand and popular earrings with two balls on both sides.Their peculiarity is that they will look harmoniously with any outfit.The lady will look stunning in evening dress and casual clothing, and a classic costume.


Everyone knows that the earrings can have different mount.There are models on the fasteners, stud earrings and pusety.Earrings, beads from both sides that looks very harmonious, can be attributed more to the latter group.This pattern, consisting of two asymmetric balls (usually one to several times greater than the other).At the same time designers have conceived to a larger ball it was just behind.As a result, new earrings have a flawless appearance.They become the choice of most women because of their uniqueness.

Decoration of "Dior"

Madame Camila Micelli, the designer of "Dior", more recently the trend has shown the world that has received a resounding success - earrings with two balls on both sides.The main highlight of a novelty is its asymmetry.Due to this, the product receives some flair and originality.At first glance, they seem to be two-sided, and is even more attracted to him.Although, in fact, they are worn only as follows: large ball back.Earrings with two balls from two sides, the name of which was asked to direct their creator, will not leave anyone indifferent.She called them - Mise en Dior.

How to wear earrings?

As you know, Mise en Dior earrings consist of two stones.One of them - big, and the other - a little.Large diameter ball can range from 10 to 20 mm.Typically, a small ball 2 times less.After looking at the earrings from the "Dior", many women do not immediately understand how to wear them.More precisely, they understand, but it is wrong.Thus, the majority finds that the big ball should be in front.A small - from behind.But it is not.Great ball to be back.In this way the product looks very impressive.Earrings are simple stud mount type.And this secured to carnations smaller ball, and a hole located in the large balloon.That is why at first inserted into the ear of a smaller ball, and on the other hand is screwed greater.

earrings from the "Dior" has become the most popular trend in 2014.They can be combined in any way with absolutely.Of course, it is better to wear a decoration to collect hair, but it will look nice and out of the flowing hair.Due to the fact that the company issued earrings of different colors, you can create an infinite number of combinations.

main advantages of products

Almost every girl dreams of having such earrings.The beads on both sides, "Dior" look very impressive, but they have no pretentiousness.The main highlight - the simplicity of details and forms.Conveniently, the fashion house at the same time released once the whole collection.It contained just five pusetov different shades.They can be purchased as an entire collection, as well as separately.With the help of these ornaments can emphasize her femininity.Due to its original shape earrings make facial features more expressive.In addition, they emphasize the shape and line of the shoulders, making them elegant.


For several seasons the main focus is not the form of ornaments, and their color.Company "Dior" monitors all color trends, so products of the company keep up with fashion.

For lovers of classic clothes fit earrings with two balls on both sides pearl shades of light tones.An excellent complement to the evening dress can become earrings made of black pearls.But girls and women who love bright colors, most likely, will give preference to products of pink, blue or green.In this extraordinary beauty can opt for decorating Mise en Dior, made of a colored balls.Very impressive look of black and white earrings.The material from which the beads generated may also be varied.On the one hand - a delicate pearls, on the other hand - Opal, sapphire, ruby ​​and jade.

How to combine Mise en Dior with classic decorations?

Buy earrings with two balls from two sides - it's only half the story.It is much harder to learn how to properly combine them with other decorations.We must be able to wear them.They need to fit together and to the hair.It is best to look beads, neck and chest when their owner opened the hair collected.It is important that earrings were visible - because otherwise no one will appreciate their unusual.It is also a good idea to look at a hair braids or loose hair combed to one side.

All the girls who chose earrings with two balls on both sides of gold, should understand that such a bright decoration can draw attention to its owner.Therefore, dressing them, it is necessary to pay attention to makeup, hair, dress.But with pearl earrings best combined with classic outfits.If you are planning an evening celebration, you can choose earrings rich colors (not necessarily in the tone of the dress, as long as the colors combined).

Also nice would look different colored earrings with two balls on both sides, a photo of which can be seen just above.