How do I know which stores the screenshots?

Sometimes there is a need to share with friends or colleagues snapshot of your computer's desktop or the best scenes from a computer game in which you finished the difficult bosses ever won first place in the list of achievements.Different games and applications to save screenshots in different locations, and search for them on your computer can take you a long time.We will try to shed light on the question - where are stored screenshots?

Save screenshots of Windows 7

For starters let's talk not about applications and games, and analyze the issue on the example of the operating system, Windows 7. In order to find out which stores screenshots of Windows 7, you do not need any special knowledge.The answer is simple - they are not stored anywhere.It makes you put a screenshot to the clipboard, and waits until you insert it in any graphics editor.Therefore, to save the screenshot, open a graphics editor Paint, which is a part of all Microsoft Windows, press the right mouse button in any area of ​​the editor, then click on the menu item "Insert" or use the keyboard shortcut instead of Ctrl + v.Screenshot placed into the editor, and then you can edit it to make corrections or add text, and then save to any location on your hard drive.Done!

Where are screenshots Steam?

service Steam has long won popularity among players, and most of them have completely switched to using them alone.If you want to know which stores screenshots of a game from the service Steam, you need to do the following.Run Steam, so that it was visible icon in the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen next to the clock.Click once on the right mouse button, select the "Screenshots", and then - game screenshots that you need.By clicking on the line "Show drive" will open a Windows Explorer of Windows, and you will see the desired folder with screenshots of the game.

Where are the screenshots of other games?

article would be incomplete without lighting and this moment.If you are not using the service Steam, and you need to find out which stores screenshots of your games and applications, give a couple of recommendations for their search.First, check the installation directory of the game.Click on the application icon and right-click the drop-down menu, scroll to "File Location".Windows Explorer will open your directory with the game.

If this folder or its subfolders are not screenshots found, there is another option.Some of the new game to create their own folders in the user store, the same place where lie the system folder "Images", "Music", "Documents" and others.That folder "Documents" we need.An exemplary way to it usually looks like this: C: \ Users \ username \ Documents.Check this folder for any subdirectory with the name «My Games», inside which are usually installed folder called Games, conservation and screenshots.

What other programs allow you to take screenshots?

There are many other software solutions, with which the players shoot screenshots and even capture video of the gameplay.One of the most popular programs for these purposes - Fraps.It has a simple interface and a minimal number of settings that make it easy to cope with it any user.Considering this program by our question, we note that the folder to save the screenshots of the user chooses, so you never lose a frame made in the game!

hope to question a lot of players on where to store the screenshots, you will find the answers in this article.Successful you staff and great achievements!In the world of modern high-quality in terms of graphics games without creating screenshots do difficult, because, looking at them, you can always recall the feelings that gives you the gameplay.