Philip Kotler (Philip Kotler): marketing, management

These full name - Philip Kotler - say little about what the general public.It's not a popular movie star, no broadcaster, details of personal life which knows any gossip at the entrance.Philip Kotler - is "only" an American scholar, one of thousands, if not millions, spud scientific cornfield.Yet it is worth to know about it, not only colleagues.

From biographies

So what he is famous, Philip Kotler?The biography of this man, set out in official sources, very succinctly.The son of Russian immigrants, was born in the United States in 1931, married, father of three daughters.Well, even the details of the different career positions - in other words, information, interesting only to a small circle of people.But what should interest others: Philip Kotler is rightly considered the founding father of modern marketing theory.

What is marketing, and why is it important?

term "marketing" is borrowed from the English lexicon (marketing - market trade).Today, there are many definitions and interpretations of the word.Here's how to interpret the term "marketing" Philip Kotler.He calls it views human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange.That is, two grandmothers in the market, one of which sells dill, and the other buys it, too, in fact, engaged in marketing.Grandma just did not need to explain how important it is to buy and sell wisely.Unfortunately, this obvious fact is not always aware of the executives and managers, businessmen and civil servants.

Often, the activities of these individuals instead of the benefits they bring the structure of continuous losses.And Philip Kotler merit lies precisely in the fact that he is trying to teach mankind to trade properly.However, not only trading.If you summarize all that has been done Kotler, and this seems a logical conclusion: he is trying to teach people how to live.

Marketing in Russia and abroad

Due to historical circumstances, marketing a long time we considered science.Only in the '70s in the Soviet Union was created by the marketing sector (Chamber of Commerce).The Russian Marketing Association appeared in 1990.

But in the world of this concept became known much earlier.In the US, the first courses on marketing have been read back in 1902 in Michigan and the University of Illinois and the University of Berkeley.However, various organizations associated with marketing, began to appear in the United States, Western European countries and Japan, Canada and Australia have much later - also in the 70s.These subjects were engaged, it was studied, and yet the knowledge was quite loose and disparate terminology - vague.Systematize and summarize available information, to create a whole from fragments he managed it - Philip Kotler."Marketing Basics", the most famous work of this author, became a kind of bible of many marketers.

Kotler and science

Many experts believe that without the work of this man would not have been marketing as a science in its modern sense.From 1962 to this day, Philip Kotler - marketing professor, his constant place of service - Graduate School of Management at the University of Illinois.But science Kotler started long before strongly increasing their potential in different areas.He was interested in economics and mathematics, he studied management, psychology, behaviorism (individual behavior).All of this helped him later in his main work.Important knowledge gleaned from other sciences, Kotler was able to pull together and develop, to relate to the independent concept of "marketing".Philip Kotler and is now the most recognized authority, this "guru" in this matter.

Philip Kotler, "Marketing BasicsĀ»

Kotler's book "Principles of Marketing" - a kind of scientific bestseller.First published in Russia in 1990, she became a real revelation for many citizens of the former Soviet Union.The publication is especially valuable because of the complex socio-economic phenomena it is told extremely accessible.Scientific work is released based on the unsophisticated reader, for the first time confronted with the need to tackle this issue.To appreciate the significance of this book, it is necessary to recall the political and economic situation of Russia in those years.The collapse of socialism, "wild" capitalism, complete lack of understanding of how to live and what to do.It was necessary as soon as possible to fill the yawning gap in economic knowledge, to try to understand the mechanism of commodity-money relations, understand the characteristics of the market.Essentially, it is a book Kotler began dating former Soviet citizens with a completely new concept for them - the theory of marketing.What's remarkable, Philip Kotler wrote his "Fundamentals of ..." has since published many works, private parties have studied the issue.That is the purpose of the author was a generalization, it was important to organize and bring into one logical whole all that has anything to do with marketing.

book "Fundamentals of Marketing" stood dozens of publications.This is a great tutorial for future economists, a real classic of the genre.In addition, it had to evaluate not only students, but also a wide range of readers because it laid the theoretical situation illustrated by examples of their practical application.

Books Philip Kotler

course, "Fundamentals of Marketing" - is not the only work of Kotler.The assets of the author of numerous books, more than a hundred of articles written for the most renowned scientific journals and covering all the details of management and marketing.The names of the works speak volumes: "Attracting investors: marketing approach to fundraising", "Marketing A to Z: 80 Concepts that every manager needs to know."Similar works from the author a lot.The mere enumeration of them indicates that the outstanding contribution made by the scientist in the world of science.

300 questions

Unfortunately, in Russia have been translated and published, not all the works of Kotler.And yet a lot of them on the shelves of Russian bookstores.In addition to the familiar "Fundamentals of ...", where there are such books: Philip Kotler, "Marketing Management" (this is the first book of the author);"300 key questions Marketing: Philip Kotler answers."About the latest book worth special mention."300 key issues ..." - a sort of quintessence of all Kotler vast experience, excellent guide for students of higher educational institutions.But this thing is written for managers and marketers, theorists and practitioners, teachers and managers.The material is presented in the form of questions and answers, and gives a complete picture of everything that will help to achieve the highest efficiency and success in the selected case.


Activities Professor Philip Kotler is not limited to his teaching and literary activity.At various times he held the most responsible positions in the American scientific and business structures.It Kotler in matters of marketing consulting resorted the most famous American industry giants such as IBM and General Electric;Council of Scholars enjoyed a number of other companies, well-known outside the country.Kotler advised and directed the power structures of many States to the competent management of resources of their country.Philip Kotler has traveled halfway around the world, lecturing and conducting consultations.Incidentally, the hour of the work is estimated at $ 50 000.

However, care Kotler not just a business.The scientist has traveled, interested in art.He teaches others, but he is learning.His ideological inspirers of this man called geniuses of business, as Richard Branson and Steve Jobs.

Philip Kotler is still full of energy and is not going to retire.We wish him good health and new creative achievements.