How to figures from the paper "Maynkraft"

usually for computer games you can buy figurines in the store, because they are made of plastic, specially painted and decorated.However, if you look at the "Maynkraft" that fairly quickly be able to understand that there is no point to go to the store and spend money to buy any items, if they can do on their own.After all, "Maynkraft" - a minimalist game in which everything is made of blocks, and their you can easily play on paper.Thus, you can also save money and do something with their hands.Figures from the paper "Maynkraft" can be very diverse - it all depends on you, as well as the wealth of relevant Internet resources.How do these figures?In this article, step by step process will be described.

Print template

Of course, you can workout in origami and independently try to create figures out of paper "Maynkraft" without any templates or blank.But nevertheless it is recommended to apply the worldwide network where you will find a huge variety of colored pieces.All you need to do - is to print the one that you like the most.To do this, you can use plain paper - if you do not have the strength to hold your figure, then you can just stick the paper onto cardboard, and will be more robust model.Figures from the paper "Maynkraft" everyone can do - most importantly, to take only necessary items.They are not so much - only scissors and glue, everything else you do with your hands.

Cutting elements

origami "Maynkraft" may consist of one or more elements, which at first glance may seem at all dissimilar to what should happen as a result.Do not attach any special significance, because still have time to change a little bit later.As long as you have to carefully cut along the contours of all the details, but do not cut them, and leave in the same condition in which they were.It would seem that it is a fairly simple process, but the reality may be more difficult, given the abundance of a variety of angles, and the fact that any inaccuracy in the result, can affect how the final figure will look like.Here the accuracy is very important, and it is you need to pay special attention when you are doing from the "Maynkraft" figures from paper.Plans are in the majority in the public domain, so that downloading and cutting out the problems should arise.

Bending the contours

That came that long-awaited moment when the colorful and strange flat sheets will gradually transform into the figure of your dreams.Naturally, this would like to make any player "Maynkraft."Figures from the paper, the scheme for which you have downloaded from the Internet will be able to decorate your desktop, and the whole house, but it would first have to try.So, you have to bend all the elements of all the marked contours, and making it no less carefully than the process of cutting.Initially the figure can not take the desired shape, but do not worry, because there is still one very large and very important step, without which you do not get to make the figures "Maynkraft" paper.


So, in your hands there is something very similar to the figure you want to get a result.But so far it only vaguely resembles something similar to the picture "Maynkraft."Paper figures do not so easy, so do not give up - you need to go ahead to the finish.To do this, you will need to take the glue and start gluing the white areas that are hidden inside the figurines in the end.This should be done very carefully to avoid too much glue, otherwise it would be on the outside and spoil the appearance of the figure.If you had the figure of a single element, then that's it - you can enjoy their own work of art, just let it dry first, so that nothing accidentally pasted.But if you had a figure of several elements, you will need to seek special places, which will be marked with letters, numbers or icons - these are additional splices, which combine several elements in one figure.There must also be glued with caution, as the likelihood that the glue spoil the appearance of the figure is even higher.