Connecting via Ethernet: Tips and Instructions

Today Ethernet connection can be called the only technology that is potentially quite ready for the rapid development of all types of services or applications.Of course, the best - the enemy of the good, but people are so strongly committed to making a connection to the Internet more secure, fast, and cheap, sometimes it seems that it is not.Thus, recently appeared and began to gain widespread new technology - more and more people prefer to use an Ethernet connection instead of the traditional connectivity options.

Everything is new - long-forgotten old

It should be noted that this technology is quite actively used before, but only recently, experts have begun to treat it as a full analogue of the existing connectivity options - initially as an equal, and with the passage of time asthe most promising of all the existing approaches to network access device.According to specialists of Cisco Systems, whose equipment is actively used today by almost all the advanced Internet service providers, the main advantage of this technology is that its use is not only to provide access to the Internet, but also to provide a range of other servicesincluding voice, construction of corporate networks, and many others.The cost of the solution, if we consider it from the point of view of operating and capital costs, overwhelming majority of cases is lower compared with traditional technologies such as ATM / FR, or SDH.


parallel, increased competition between alternative and traditional operators in the local loop these same operators are beginning to optimize their own network in order to provide a more advantageous cost of providing its services to the end user.Advantageously most cases a single package, which includes data, voice, multimedia, as well as providing full access to the Internet.

also ISPs, providing connectivity via Ethernet, can attract new customers through the use of solutions "with a reserve for the future", using different network architectures that can be used for the rapid growth of applications that require high bandwidth, including IP-Surveillance anda variety of multimedia applications.

DSL and drop

Since 2000, Europe has started to occur a real breakthrough in the field of broadband access, and many operators have started to offer actively their services DSL, and some of them are completely de-monopolize its subscriber channels with the aim to provide athem access a host of other alternative operators.Modern cable operators have begun to deploy cable modems to provide its customers combined services of the Internet and cable television, and the government almost immediately began to sell at auction the license for the provision of broadband FWA.

Ethernet - a universal solution

After the euphoria about technology DSL, as well as the use of cable modems to provide broadband gradually faded, the attention paid to the operational, technical, organizational and legal problems related to these services.In order to meet the continuously growing demand for more and more bandwidth, as the service providers, and equipment suppliers are increasingly began to consider the alternative option of broadband access - Ethernet connection using fiber optic cable.

What is Ethernet?

Addressing a broadcasting speech, images and data via a variety of extremely simple, but relatively inexpensive the Ethernet.A unique advantage of this solution is that its use with an optical fiber as a medium of broadcasting allows for Gigabit access through the network directly from the premises of the clients themselves.

how to connect these networks?

in modern cities are a large number of buildings that are highly attractive to network service providers - are commercial business parks, office complexes, apartment buildings, universities and many other similar objects.In order to provide a new connection to the Internet through a router using Ethernet, network service providers use specialized "dark" fiber.Among the main advantages that are hallmarks of this technology is to provide the maximum possible speed and the distance of the network - up to 100 km without any intermediate amplifiers or regeneration.It should be noted that a connection to the Internet through a router using Ethernet, involves potentially unlimited bandwidth, and this is very, very tempting for providers.

What are its advantages?

Gigabit Ethernet is a very, very relevant, because it is an almost perfect balance of performance and price, representing an almost perfect choice for backbone applications, not only in some particular corporate networks, but also for building a full-fledged network operator.Enough good solution for wiring within a particular building is the multi-mode or single-mode fiber and twisted-pair belonging to the fifth category.Developed initially to provide a connection to the network via Ethernet local computers, this network will eventually become one of the most efficient, but it allows for extremely high data throughput, especially when compared to DSL, as well as a variety of wireless and cable modems.

Typical architecture, which is used in the networks of modern service providers, is an implementation of the first phase of a 10-Mbit or 100-megabit Ethernet-channels, which are held in separate rooms or apartments a specific building, and are connected with the serving of the building with the help of a dedicated switchon the Cisco Catalyst.In order to provide the connection to the USB or via the Ethernet metropolitan area network MAN, formed full Gigabit or multigigabit Ethernet-connection.Aggregation schedule different ring metro networks carried out by means of a switch in the third level.

Service Provider who is committed to ensuring broadband access, can provide its customers with an internet connection, which will be held directly to individual users or entire organizations to small businesses.By providing Internet services provider in the city, the company can also offer new integrated services with added value.In order to ensure maximum effective use of the ETTN, the service provider has to make sure that callers spend maximum possible amount of time and money on the internal network instead of being engaged in the consumption of resources, access to global resources.

How do I connect?

order to provide Internet connection via cable technology Ethernet, you need to have a dedicated network card, cable, and direct the network to which the connection will be carried out.It should be noted that the various networks can be set at different speeds, so you should make sure that your network card is compatible with the network to which the connection will be carried out.


Immediately it should be noted that no one has made internet connection via phone technology Ethernet.The very same connection is as follows:

  1. Go to the tab "Devices".
  2. Click "Create" button, which is on the toolbar.
  3. Choose from options available to us "Connecting Ethernet" (options are located in the "Type of Connection"), and then click "Next."
  4. If your card is already in the list of devices, in this case, choose it from the list under the table of contents "Card Ethernet".If it is not in the list, then in that case you need to select 'Other card Ethernet "in order to use the equipment available to you.Immediately it is worth noting the fact that the installation utility completely independently determines whether the connected devices it supports Ethernet, therefore offering you configure them.If the setting is carried out by you during the installation process, then the device will be listed in the "Hardware" tab.
  5. If you selected "Other Card Ethernet", the following window will appear with a table of contents "Select adapter".In this window, you will need to choose the manufacturer and model of your board and just the name of the device.If you are installing the first such card in the computer, in this case, as the title, you can select eth0, and then just change the number with each new card.In addition, the program "Configure the Network" also allows you to carefully adjust the resources of your network card.After the completion of all the procedures, click "Next."
  6. In the "Configure Network" you will need to make a choice between a static address IP, and DHCP.In that case, if your device receives different IP-addresses, each subsequent connection to the network to indicate the node name is not necessary.Again click "Next."
  7. Now click "Apply" and use the Internet.


Now you can add a variety of functions, such as connecting to a computer via the Internet or any other that you need.After you add a device, you will be able to modify the settings of his work - just to select the device from the resulting list, and then click on its "Edit".For example, after adding a device, it will automatically begin to fully operate during boot if you want to change this behavior of your equipment, you will need to go to its settings and change the value in the section "Activate device when computer starts."Also, you can set up your printer via Ethernet.

is worth noting that after the addition of the device will not turn on, to activate it, you will need to select it from the list, and then click on the button "Activate".If your system provides automatic switching when the computer starts, then in that case you should not repeat this action.