Why dream of a priest?

As you know, the world of dreams is rich, varied and unpredictable.However, people are always trying to find a logical connection of various dreams with the upcoming real-life events.Today we offer to find out what the priest dreams.To do this, please check with the most complete and authoritative sources.

"Dream book Gustav Miller": to dream of a priest - to what?

This source treats such an image as a harbinger of disease.So, if a spiritual person in his sleep busy holding service, then you will be faced with a serious ailment and caused him anxiety.A dream in which a woman falls in love with a priest, promises her waking fraud by dishonest lover.If the ladies dreamed that the minister of the church achieves its location, in real life it risks deserve reproach and resentment of others in connection with the excessive addiction to entertainment.Why dream of a priest to whom you confess?Such a vision warns you of the risk of any mistake, which in the future will result in sorrow and anxiety for your loved ones.In general, the clerics acting as mentors, the need to remind the dreamer stricter attitude to his own actions and conduct.The conversation with the priest predicts your high honors.However, if the father was sad and tired, something like that vision is a warning of evil.

"Esoteric Dream Interpretation": what dreams priest

compilers of this collection argue that if you catch a glimpse of the priest conducting the service, then in reality, you risk to face serious difficulties in finding themselves in an ambiguous position.A dream in which you see yourself as a spiritual person, foretells unpleasant situation in which your pride and self-esteem will suffer a devastating blow.

If the priest had a "dream book Gypsy"

According to the information from the source, a spiritual person in the dream symbolizes the inherent wastefulness to you in real life.You need urgently to bring the situation under control and begin to treat more frugally money, otherwise you risk to face serious financial problems.If you dream that you are a spiritual person you are, one of your last major expenditure was very unwise, as you will soon come to regret.

"Universal Dream": a priest in a dream

spiritual person, dreamed a healthy person, it predicts well-being and finding happiness, hard as a patient - demise.If such a dream dreamed person has committed a crime, his crime will soon be solved.

collection of tips received in a dream: a dream if the priest

According to the information of the dream book, a spiritual person is acting as a symbol of morality.So, if you dreamed that the priest behaved inappropriately his way, then you can offend people on whom you least expected.Sad or strict father recalls that your guilty conscience, and acts as a warning about the coming repentance.A priest in a dream blessing you, is interpreted as a sign that you are on the right track.Therefore, you can safely count on success, but to reach it you have to work hard.

"Dream Interpretation Vanga": cleric dream

According to the collector, dreaming priest, beautiful and majestic reading a prayer - to the need for conversion to God and repentance in all committed sinful deeds.If the priest blesses you, then very soon you will be able to count on the support of a very powerful man.This dream can also act as a prophecy of success in all endeavors.If you are playing the role of the priest, the vocation of your life is to give people good.You are destined to become a minister of the church.Catholic priest promises major changes in your life.It is likely that you will also come across the need to make a serious and very difficult choices that will affect the rest of your future life.

What dreams priest who crowns you?This vision promises a happy and prosperous life with a loved one.Confessions of a spiritual person in a dream - a very difficult situation.And get out of it, you can only by resorting to the help of an influential person whose services, however, will not be free of charge.

cleric in a dream: "The modern dream interpretation"

Since priests are spiritual mentors people, according to the compilers of this collection, their appearance in dream is to remind us of his own weaknesses and shortcomings.Therefore it is necessary to begin a stricter attitude to their words and deeds.The interpretation of a dream, in which the priest is busy carrying out the service, is faced with the risk of serious illness or mental anguish.If you had a spiritual person with whom you could not speak, what a man is doing everything possible to subdue your will.And if you do not take anything to avoid it, his plans succeed.The conversation with the priest promises the dreamer to achieve greater heights in the future.Father, in your vision, looking tired and sad, serves as a warning of evil afoot against you.If you dream you confess to the priest, the risk to commit the act, which in the future will result in sorrow, humiliation and tears both for you and for your family.Blessing priest - to finding support from the highly influential persons.Also, this dream could spell success in all your activities and undertakings.If you dreamed that the church is crowned by a priest you, then you will be very happy in a marriage with a loved one.A dream in which a woman falls in love with a spiritual person, acting as a warning of a possible betrayal by her husband or partner.If the fair sex dreamed love with her priest, she needs to be more restrained in their thirst for entertainment, otherwise it runs the risk of becoming the object of accusations and gossip surrounding.