How to make a tincture of propolis in the home ?Tincture of propolis on alcohol : recipe

On the healing properties of bee products production written and said so much that we add to this is practically nothing.Special literature, advice of traditional healers and medical professionals, the program transfer and articles pointing to the bees and all that they produce, as perfectly balanced natural plant preventive and truly drugs - all this is not just a tribute to a certain fashion.This is all very helpful, and for some, and it becomes vital.

Pharmacy without limitation

Bee hive - a vast in its value to human life and health social pharmacy, which has everything and for all occasions.From childhood, everyone remembers the words of the parents about the healing properties of honey.A bee sting is almost never associated with negative, even though the word "poison" would be alerted.But no, bee venom is perceived and accepted as the only remedy.

Pollen is also one of the means of prevention and treatment of various diseases.And about propolis and say nothing - the healing properties of this product of life colony had overgrown with legends and became part of the healing of each set, respecting themselves and their patients, and not just a healer.Tincture of this product is an integral part of most family kits.How to make a tincture of propolis in the home, will be discussed below.

What we know about propolis?

About propolis as bee product of life, so to the end no one hesitates to speak.What is propolis, it is impossible to say exactly, but its medicinal properties says a lot.

If you touch on the theme of the origin of the name of this wonderful in every sense of substance, we see that the word "propolis" form two Greek - pro and polic.The first means "front", and the second is translated as "city".This bee glue - in the Greek sense - is the protector of numerous cities, sometimes reaching in their numbers to hundreds of thousands of individuals.Therefore, the healing, embalming, and antiseptic properties of propolis mummified Greeks knew for a long time.Apparently, the ancient also in demand on propolis tincture.The recipe for this liqueur, of course, changed, but only just in terms of more modern technologies used for its preparation.

mummy we all know - it is the same propolis.Just make it the bees living in the wild mountain ravines.The properties of this product is more accented, and it is natural if we take into account the fact that the cultivated or domesticated plants and animals in most cases have less useful properties and qualities than their wild relatives.

What is a legendary agent

Propolis is almost half of the fragrant resin of which consists of amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates and balsams.The latter, also having a complicated structure, contain cinnamic acid and an alcohol.But that is not all.If you start counting on his fingers from the translation of the other components of propolis, it is not enough, not only on hands but also on the feet of the two, and even three people.These are various enzymes multiple essential oils, acid - and benzoic ferulic.Add to this the antibiotics, vitamins - B1, B2, A, C, E, PP, lots of aromatic aldehydes, flavones and flavonols, and it becomes clear that propolis - is not that much, but the abundance of very relevant to the human body substances.Besides all that was involved in the third of the wax and the twentieth of pollen.About micronutrients can say only one thing - a lot of them.The present propolis strontium, manganese, vanadium, iron, aluminum, calcium and silicon.

The inevitable thought comes to mind - it's all you need, and should be taken and a person.But in its natural form to use propolis simply pointless.He himself this product by a third consists of wax that just does not give useful to the human body substances.And here we come to the conclusion - should make a tincture.This is the most simple and affordable for many people a way to make propolis is easily digestible.Reading further, you will learn how to make a tincture of propolis.

Medicinal properties of tinctures

Now that propolis has become known, understood and hence such a coveted medicinal product, a natural question arises: how to make propolis tincture at home?Immediately it is worth noting that this is a healing substance, but not for all.Some people have an allergic reaction to clear any bee product.These people absolutely can not eat all that is connected with bees - even in the form of derivatives.

How to make a tincture of propolis, with no practical skills in this?It is a simple process.The main thing in it - compliance measures and the terms specified in the recipe, and the storage conditions of medicinal drink.Liqueurs are made on the basis of alcoholic solutions, that allows you to view all the useful elements of propolis from a bound state.

insist propolis

tincture of propolis on alcohol, prescription is considered further, a lot of varieties.The main difference concerns the formulation percentage of propolis and various additives.For example, if you want to have the means to fight the inflammation of the middle ear, it is necessary to make a 30% tincture of propolis on alcohol strength 70˚.Such a propolis tincture at home manufacturing should insist 2-3 days in a pot with dark walls.However, infusion of the same can be used in the rinse in the case of angina.It is necessary to dilute it with a warm and flavored with a small amount of honey water into calculation of 1: 1.

tincture of propolis on alcohol.The recipe for this liqueur is slightly different from the previous one.80 ml of alcohol - the same 70˚ ​​- added 50 g of pure propolis and small.Infused this mix from 7 to 10 days with a mandatory stirring.Then she settles for 2 days, filtered and poured into a dark container for storage.It is used when stomatitis.

In short, the problem with how to make propolis tincture at home, at the present time should not occur.The World Wide Web the weight of various recipes for all occasions.And even if you have no alcohol, it does not matter.You can always use a high-quality vodka.Formulation in this case, of course, vary.And term infusion increases.

Disease Prevention propolis tincture

as pleasant a preventive measure for any kitchen would be superfluous propolis tincture with vodka.Preparing it this way: a bottle of vodka is taken about 200 g of crushed propolis and birch sap.Capacity in which the mix of vodka and propolis should be thoroughly shaken for 30-40 minutes.Then, the mixture should be allowed brew.You need 2-3 days.This mixture also repeatedly shaken.

When used, or rather, before you use this infusion, you can add to taste birch sap.And it is worth remembering that this is not the way to have a good time, and the method of prevention of various ailments.Everything is good in moderation.

drugs from propolis for children

propolis tincture for children is not something special.Naturally, the child may not like a certain sharpness and strength liqueurs.But he and provide such no one is going - the drug should not be tasty, but should not cause trouble and pain.Therefore, children's dose of propolis tincture is calculated based on the age of the child.And if the adult dose may be from a tablespoon to poluryumki, the children - 2-5 times less.Besides it is possible when using these infusions use different diluents and sweeteners - honey or syrup.The main thing - do not overdo it or you will lose medicinal properties.

all should be the measure of

Now that the question: "How to make a tincture of propolis at home?" - Is quite clear and precise answer, you should talk about what self-infatuation is fraught with negative consequences.It is worth recalling the words of a respected and well-known doctor - Paracelsus.He constantly mentioned it in his treatises and spoke as follows: "Everything in life is poison!But only a measure making it a cure! "