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Olga Ogloblina: Our Thailand

For each newcomer Thailand was called ambiguous.Fashion trends this year have made over Thailand popular with holidaymakers.Some hearing a lot of positive feedback for the first time in many years, we chose to ignore the monotonous already overexposed holiday in Turkey and wanted to buy the burning tour of the haunts of vice Pattaya.Others, like the country, visit Thailand every two months.

Now even immigration officials do not know how many Russian lives permanently in Thailand.Today, among Latvians, Russians, Ukrainians malomalski account subject to Russian immigrants.And so, the Kazakhs with the Kyrgyz, just do not be distinguished from the Thais.

Today, Pattaya - a real haven of Russian-speaking.And though the Chinese occupy the leading position, we have long been ahead of the British and the prosperous residents of other EU countries.Today the number is constantly living in Pattaya natives of the CIS countries is about 15 thousand.But in a social network, I found as many as 50,000 of our compatriots, who reported their place of residence Pattaya!

And even if one of the two above-mentioned figures will be real, this is still almost 10% of the total population of the main resort of Thailand.

If we compare with the Soviet "communal", then this city has a lot of similarities.On the one hand, there are many Russian-speaking, and on the other side of communication can not be called ordinary.Moreover, many try not to communicate with the immigrants from the former Soviet Union that is here to say, "Do not harm the karma."Moreover, the most beloved joy is rumor-bones to each other.

However, there are Russian-speaking, for whom Thailand has become a mother.Our story today is just about people.

Today we introduce you to Ogloblina Olga, one of the many whose lives radically changed Thailand, and who seems to have become his in Thailand.Olga - a leading specialist in the field of property Pattaya lives in Thailand since 2003, raises two beautiful daughters, and in his spare time writing poetry and playing guitar.

Olya how it happened that you appeared in this country?

At the Institute, I studied Tourism Management, and therefore began to work in Russia in this area.In 2003, the first time I went for two weeks in Thailand.A month after returning to Ekaterinburg, I decided to move permanently to Thailand.After a brief search, I found a job in a major Russian travel company, which at that time was one of the first in Pattaya.It should be noted in Pattaya at the time was only a few Russian travel agencies, restaurants and cafes.And so I worked for 5 years until it went into well-deserved maternity leave.

happened there is something new in your life during this period?

rise in popularity of the country, I watched with my own eyes.Being on maternity leave, I had time to look around, to evaluate their lives.It became clear that life is changing, changing life priorities.

was important for me to stability, since I raised two daughters, and the tourist industry in Thailand at the time was the season.This is why I gladly accepted the proposal of my friends from the real estate firm "Land of Smiles" to work in the field of property in Pattaya.Besides, to be honest, this sphere of activity I have encountered since, working in the tourism sector clients, I often had to deal with real estate offices and the specifics of the real estate market in Thailand.

And you're established in the thought of starting a new life?

Yes, very sorry about it!

Now I can safely say that the work of real estate in Thailand - my path! Yes, sometimes life does not skimp on the amazing gifts.Many of the clients of our agency, bought property in Pattaya, later become my friends.Many immigrants from the CIS countries, sadly, come to Thailand without owning any foreign language, so we bought a property, they come to me for help in dealing with everyday issues.

Questions Ask a wide variety - some puzzled wondering how to buy a car, furniture or built-in electrical engineering, before someone else any more difficult questions in the field of local legislation.I have not forgotten how hard it was the first time here to understand, in this connection, as I can, I try to help them.

true that Pattaya presently experiencing a real "Russian boom"?

Of course, the number of visitors to Pattaya has become much more.But at the same geography of tourists remained the same: if from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kiev come here all winter and, from the Far East, Siberia, Kazakhstan and many fly to Pattaya throughout the year.In connection with this property in Pattaya many get to relax and enjoy only when coming to Pattaya for vacation.However, most of who come to stay still interested in renting a villa in Pattaya, some later become the first owners of the leased object.

And of course, taking into account the economic and political situation in the CIS countries, people tend to save their money and invest them in the purchase of real estate in Thailand.

majority of the last two years to realize the purchase of real estate in Thailand - is available year-round recreation and effective investment in the future.Now in Pattaya in various sectors of the economy, which even before could only dream requires a variety of experts, speaking in Russian.Even such a profession, as a marketer, an artist, designer and pr-manager, today in the labor market of Thailand presented Russian experienced professionals.

Argued that Pattaya is the most "Russian" city in Thailand.You do not want to change the Pattaya to some other city?

American and German pensioners, strolling along the beach with a young taiko, created not very good stereotype perception of Pattaya.But it's the little things, I'm very comfortable in Pattaya.Thanks to well-developed infrastructure of Pattaya to live here very comfortably.

Just an hour's drive from Pattaya - fabulous islands with pristine nature.

There is quite a quality education system.Pattaya is located in close proximity to two airports.Several years ago, then opened the amazing shops and some very high-quality restaurants and clubs of the highest level.And if you wanted something new - you can go to the capital.

But this, of course, everything is personal.

agree that everyone has their own ideas about the house.For me, home is no kin of Thailand!