As credit fraudsters deceive the citizens and bankers

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With the development of the banking sector, a host of schemes of deception.And the bait scams across not only the citizens of their inexperience, but also financial institutions, staffed with lawyers.Especially dangerous in this respect, credit scams, bred in abundance in the vast country.

gave an overview of the most common frauds that can cause you to lose money.

as credit fraudsters cheating banks

High competition among bankers created a situation that in the pursuit of excess borrower credit institutions let down their guard.This immediately took advantage of dishonest businessmen.However, a special variety in the choice of methods of cheating, they do not shine by using the following scheme:

1. Obtaining money or goods by false documents.It is considered the most criminal way, as you have to forge a passport, pasting a picture of the place of the old.Sometimes the photos do not glue, as adjusted under the existing image appearance.

2. Making a plurality of loans in various institutions.This credit crooks take the money in small batches, and in all the questionnaires indicate nonexistent coordinates.As a rule, the place of registration is also conditional.

3. Use for the loan officer of the bank.Here, in contrast to the previous method, large sums are taken.Most often, the scammers manage to escape or get off with probation, and employees of credit institutions, convicted of fraud, responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

as credit fraudsters deceive the citizens

Here speculators somewhat broader arsenal of tools.Dotting techniques with the growth of the danger:

1. Fraud by bogus credit counseling is the low cost way.A citizen with a tainted credit history promise to sell inexpensive information on banks, no problem issuing loans to borrowers at fault.He buys it, and then find out that they could get for free on the Internet.

2. Fictitious guarantors.Fun offer the borrower guarantors by which, of course, have to pay a fee.After registration is revealed that they are registered in any database disadvantaged persons.The credit agreement is canceled, the money returned to the bank, the Commission is in the hands of fraudsters.

3. Use of goods for money.In this case, the in-store trade credit is issued to the borrower.After that, his hands given half the cost of the product.It argues that the way it should, and the bank in the second half will not qualify.It is clear that over time have to give everything, even with considerable interest.

4. And finally, the most common fraudulent loan - a loan by outsiders according to the documents of the borrower.There are two possible scenarios.

first - lost passport.In this case, the trouble will prevent a simple appeal to the police a statement about his loss.The main thing - do it as quickly as possible.Then, for the carelessness of staff will have to respond financially to the bank.

second - the passport of the borrower take the credit scammers supposedly to draw up the contract.During the time that the document will be in the hands of speculators, can be issued the loan and get money.Customer also announced that he would not pass for some indicators.A month later, when they start receiving the first notice, the attackers have disappear.

On the last two points there is one proven tool - a lawsuit.As soon as the bank claims exceed a certain degree, it is necessary to prepare documents and write an application to the court.Negotiations with the lending institution - a waste of time and nerves.