How to calculate current income tax

Under Article 246 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, without exception, legal entities, leading for a specific type of activity, and receiving at the same time profit from this activity are subject to tax on profits.And so for all of the legal entity, it is important to calculate current income tax, so that later he did not have any disputes with the tax authorities, as well as to ensure that this payment is not made him bewilderment.
But in order to properly calculate the tax is the most important to know how to do it, and to understand all the nuances and details.And for that, below provides detailed instructions describing the process of calculating the current income tax.

1. First you need to determine the tax base for calculating the amount of tax.A tax base of any legal entity - the sum of all its revenues.This amount shall be calculated as follows: is the difference between revenue and expenses.
Current income tax is zero (that is, just do not have to pay) only if the addition of the am

ounts of income to get a negative result.If he turned out so - hence, income was negative, the entity suffered losses.It turns out, and there is nothing to tax.

2. Get in the first paragraph it is necessary to multiply the result with the current income tax rate - currently this rate is defined by the state as 20% of the tax base.But for some privileged categories of legal persons, it may be slightly reduced.You can derive the formula: Earnings = Gross Income * Tax rate / 100.

To understand this, it is better to deal with an example.Here, for example, a legal entity for the current period tax profit equal to 1 500 000 rubles.Hence, the current income tax for the enterprise will be exactly 300 000.

3. Payment of income tax only once a year (calendar).And for the reporting period always equate one quarter, nine months and six months.If a taxpayer (that is a legal entity, in this case) receives advance payments once per month in each of the months he must prepare a tax report.

4. On the basis of calculations made to all the previous paragraphs shall be made tax declaration on which tax must be paid before 28 March inclusive (a tax for the year), and for four weeks after the end of the tax period.
When calculating the amount of business income should be remembered that, according to the law, those considered to be income earned as a result of the participation share in the activities of organizations of the Parties, various securities transactions, activities of ordinary partnership, assignment of management of trust property, transfer of property at the disposal of the organization, activities using economic means.The sum of all income received as a result of such activities is the gross income of the enterprise.
Corporate income tax in this sense, is no exception and is calculated in the same way, without any differences and peculiarities.The Corporation is also a legal entity.
But it so happens that in the tax declaration is incorrect.No matter who made it, whether correctly given the current income tax, or other data - the tax authorities will not understand the internal problems of companies.You just as soon as possible to correct the mistake.So, what to do to avoid a penalty?

1. Identify the error in the initial report, due to which the error was made.

2. Fill the refined reporting and submit it before the end of the deadline for submission of the declaration.

3. Adjust the tax base.

If, however, time is up, then you need to transfer the missing amount before filing clarifying letter.If you act this way, you can count on leniency - or rather, you get the advantage of the law.