Quite often, when passing a particular game on the menu catches the eye is such a word as multiplayer.What is a multiplayer, know basically only advanced players who already beat in a number of different projects.While the newcomers do not understand what this function is and why it is needed.

More questions will appear after a person clicks on the multiplayer.What?What to do next?These and many other questions by torture, as before it opens even more obscure words, and the opportunity to continue the game by completing some intuitive action, no.

That's why it helps to understand that multiplayer is and how to play it.

What multiplayer?

Nowadays, almost every game has multiplayer.What is the multiplayer?An opportunity for participants to play with each other.In other words, they can join together to perform some specific task, or the passing game, and may just break into two teams and fight already between them - all in this case, is directly dependent on what opportunities does the game itself, as well as thejust want to play by its users.

Immediately it is worth noting the fact that there are no differences between different online multiplayer games of this genre.The only difference in this case - only that the player was initially not impose the interaction with other people.He could easily go through the game completely on their own, without going into this mode and not thinking about the confrontation with other gamers, not even knowing what a multiplayer.What is this, he had already learned of need.

However, quite often in fact, the opposite is happening.One version of the game became incredibly popular precisely because of the opportunity to fight with other players.Then the developers, releasing the next version, as detailed as possible working on this particular component, complementing the opportunity to play in scanty and not very exciting single player campaign (so, for example, which offers multiplayer "batelfild").Although in fairness I must admit that the game was originally conceived not as a single.

How to play multiplayer?

Here are some subtleties.Immediately is to say: if you are interested in how to play multiplayer, in the overwhelming majority of cases you necessarily need a licensed version of the game.Since most of the projects fairly quickly begin to spread as different pirated versions, the developers decided to make games when connected to the Internet user's ability to immediately confined.The system automatically tells him that a pirated version of it can only play the single-player campaign, or "visualize" the multiplayer in his imagination by playing with some bots.

This is what multiplayer games differ from standard online projects like Warface.The first to be paid, and in order to play, you just need to buy the disc once and get all the benefits, with the exception of any cosmic elements or add-ons.While the latter is most often spread by the system free-to-play, that is, are shareware - you can play for free, but for certain benefits the game has to pay real money.

TOP games with multiplayer

following will be presented to the most popular games to date, which have the opportunity to co-op with other players.This is the most popular games in the genre to date, in which there is a great online and addictive gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto

for a long time in the GTA multiplayer was a little more than just some amateur additions, which, although they were interesting enough for the time being, but could not afford what really interestedto fans of the series.However, with the passage of time at Rockstar we decided nevertheless to listen to the interests of users, and then came to light GTA Online - complete the online game, which is accompanied by intense multiplayer streets and total destruction.


shooter with great graphics and an incredibly wide variety of easy opportunities.You can use absolutely any kind of art, starting with motorcycle and ending with jet fighters, as well as the most variety of weapons, including landmines, firearms and rocket launcher.However, the main feature of the last part is that they offer a huge scale of the map, and in addition, also provide an opportunity to destroy various large objects.In particular, you can even completely destroy any skyscraper, transforming the map into a huge dump of dust and debris, instead of a comfortable city, which it was a moment ago.Such a transformation can not but amaze.

Call of Duty

The game is an analog of the previous one, but it is more focused on battles of infantry.In other words, the technique and the ability to manage it in this case, are completely absent - players compete with each other by performing certain tasks or simply competing in the number of murders each other.At the same time everything is done to ensure the maximum possible effect of presence.In addition, a key feature of the game is called perks that make the process particularly "live".Among these perks, for example, the possibility of death shoot a gun in the position of lying on the enemies or just pull the pin out of the grenade finally, arranging an unexpected surprise their oppressors.