The special economic zone "Togliatti".

Special Economic Zone "Tolyatti" - an economic zone of industrial-production format, which is located on the Stavropol region in the Samara region.The zone was established by special decree of the Russian government from 2010.The territory stretches it in the neighborhood of "AvtoVAZ" and an area of ​​660 hectares.

Provision and organization

Special Economic Zone "Tolyatti" - complex maintenance engineering, transport and social infrastructure of the territory.Every resident of this area has every right to use all of the innovative production facilities and warehouse construction, modern offices.SEZ is characterized by a professional and effective systems of access roads.There are specially equipped parking for trucks and cars, area for loading and unloading goods checkpoints.Capacities were originally designed for the needs of potential residents, including a connection to all types of energy.

Financing economic zone

financing production activities zone provides a source of both budgetary and extra-budgetary type.On the construction of the infrastructure has been allocated € 140 million of extra-budgetary funds, 180 million euros from the federal and 20 million euros from the regional and local budgets.Every resident of the SEZ "Togliatti" if necessary resourced administrative and business center.This exhibition grounds and the negotiations hall, medical room and gym, the subsidiary bank offices.It all creates favorable conditions for the development of their own business.

Tax advantages

Special Economic Zone "Togliatti" is characterized by the presence of special tax preferences for its residents.It is worth noting the following points:

  • Exemption for a period of 5 years from the payment of transport and land taxes.
  • Property tax will not have to pay for 10 years.
  • reduced rate of income tax from 2012 and until 2018, is 0%.The final rate is now 2%, but by 2025 it is planned to increase to 15.5%.
  • Special Program for attracting investments in the Samara region.

Consider a program to attract investments in more detail.It was adopted in November 2012.The program has been operating since 2013.And its end is planned for 2018.According to the approved program area residents are eligible to receive grants that can be spent on technological connection of power technologies to objects of engineering infrastructure.Residents will have the right to connect to the free sources of energy resources.

Additional benefits

Special Economic Zone "Tolyatti" provides for the free customs regime.This allows you to save on fees when buying imported technologies, materials and resources.If new production run out of their owner, in accordance with Russian legislation, is obliged to pay 10% of the customs price of goods or services.Fixed assets of resident apply the process of accelerated depreciation.It is the establishment of a special rate, not exceeding two, to accelerated depreciation.By accelerated procedure for sending funds to research and development.Research and development costs are recorded in the time interval in which they were made.Counting is almost upon costs.Within the framework of the SEZ "Togliatti" an effective system of public administration that greatly speeds up the process of registration of residents.Bureaucratic and administrative procedures are minimized.Investors have the opportunity to not only rent the land, but to buy them in the property.

Terms of resident registration

registration process resident within the SEZ "Togliatti" is quite simple, but at the same time, it requires the fulfillment of certain conditions.Initially, the investor must go through a simple registration procedure in the municipal district of Stavropol.The next step - is the protection of the investment project under the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.If two steps completed successfully, it is time to sign the agreement with the authorities economic zone, which will be spelled out all obligations of the parties and the full conditions of the industrial and production activities within the region.And most importantly - is the size of the investment.Each member of the band is obliged to invest in the project of at least three million euros.

priorities and objectives of the economic sphere

work in the economic zone "Tolyatti" concentrated in several ways, such as:

  • Automotive.
  • Production of components for cars.
  • Edition product minor in engineering.
  • production of consumer goods.

task of establishing a zone - is not only improving the living standards of the region, as discussed above.As a priority objective has been used development of automobile industry of the state in general.It should be said about the effort to integrate the industry into the world automotive production.You can mark the launch of high-tech and competitive units of automotive equipment and accessories for her.

Manpower - an additional advantage

One of the most attractive features of the region can be considered its employment potential.The region belongs to the 7th position among 83 sites in Russia in terms of employment potential.The workforce of the Samara region is characterized by a high level of skill, labor mobility and the presence of special education.Working in the SEZ "Togliatti" will not stand as experts offer a large enough.Higher education in the automotive industry and other specialized industries have received more than 170 thousand people.Preparation of students is carried out in 19 sectors, 250 specialties.Wide infrastructure of educational institutions provides a stream of frames in a variety of ways, including in the area of ​​innovation.

Investment attractiveness

Summarizing, we can say that the SEZ "Togliatti" distinguished investment attractiveness.For large investors are created ideal conditions for the construction business.The effective administration system simplifies the registration process and saves time.Preferential taxation reduces associated costs and allows you to invest a large part of the funds in primary production.The absence of import duties on innovative technology from abroad reduces the cost of the project budget.Availability of skilled labor in the region eliminates the hassle to find specialists.SEZ "Togliatti" is impeccable and adapted platform for production and industrial activities of big businessmen, as all residents receive strong support not only the Government of the Russian Federation, but also the management of the zone.