As in "GTA 4" to get the phone and what to do with it?

old-school gamers will remember that in the first two parts of the series "GTA", when it was still an arcade with a view from the top, you have to answer the phone, which come on the street public telephone.So you could get as additional tasks and assignments that moves you through the storyline.Preserved this technique in "GTA 3", but then "San Andreas" was first made a step towards modernization, and the main character appeared a mobile phone, the functions of which, however, remained the same.You receive a call, you pick up the phone and get a new job.And here is the fourth episode in the plan became a revolutionary, as the smartphone there is a complete device that can be used for various purposes.In this article you will learn how to "GTA 4" to get the phone, as well as what to do with it then.

How to get a phone?

questions about how to "GTA 4" to get the phone, you have to wonder quite early, as it you will at the very beginning of the game, after one of the early missions.And then a lot will depend on your ability to handle the "tube", so you should definitely explore absolutely all aspects of the work with the phone.Especially considering the fact that they are not so much - at least compared to what has recently been implemented in the fifth episode of the series.The first thing you need to learn how to do - is to get the phone to see what is displayed on the screen.This means that now you do not just pick up the phone and answer the call - you can use your smartphone as a complete gadget.So, if you do not know how to "GTA 4" to get the phone for further operations with it, you should remember that the key is "up" is responsible for this action.When you click on it in front of you there is an image of the screen of your phone, and you can enjoy all of its features.

making calls

Now you know how to "GTA 4" to get the phone.It's time to understand how you can use it.Of course, first of all it should pay attention to its basic function - calls.Once you are familiar with the character, his phone number is in the phonebook of your smartphone, and you can select it from the list to quickly communicate.Call you can absolutely everything, while you will be offered a variety of options - for example, women can invite you to a meeting, and his friends - the bar have a few beers.Of course, you can call and on more important matters, so do not forget to use this feature.Also worth noting is that you can double-click on the button Tab, to be able to manually enter any phone number.All of these features are available in different versions, so that this knowledge will be useful to you even if you want to figure out how to get the phone in "GTA 4: Criminal Russia".


Now that you know how to get the phone in "GTA 4" and dial the number, you have time to learn something about the cheat codes in this game.The fact is that they just entered through your phone.You need to put it to manual dialing, then it is necessary to introduce specific values ​​that will allow you to get rid of police harassment, raised to the highest level of health and armor, as well as get a different set of weapons.This is a must-know if you want to have fun in the game and get the most out of fripleya.

Other phone features

Naturally, all of the functions described above are not the only ones that are available to you in the "GTA 4" when handling the phone.Gradually, you will learn more and more new features.For example, you will send a text message with the new tasks, to send photos of cars that can be safely steal.