How do you spell "late"?

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What you can choose the verification word to the word "later"?The answer to this question you will find in this article.


Many people at the time of writing the letter or any text makes an error in the expression "late."Verification word to him to be sure to pick up.Why is this necessary?The fact is, the letter "e" in the present terms is unpronounceable, ie during the speech just heard [postural].However, in a letter to use a word like that is unacceptable.That is why it should always be checked.

basic rule concerning the word "Late»

word verification to help you prove the existence of the letter "e" in this expression, we will select the slightly lower.Now I want to tell about what law should be applied in this case.

in modern spelling there is a large number of rules by which you can easily and quickly write a letter competent.As for the word "late", it falls under the following: to check unpronounceable consonants in the root of a word, you want to change it in a certain way, or choose a related, which will be inspected to be heard clearly.

Illustrative examples

What is the word verification "late" is available in Russian language?Before answering this question, we give a few specific examples to help you understand how the above rules:

  • good health - Verification of the words "the health";
  • pasture - word verification mouth;
  • neighborhood - a crossroads;
  • furious - furious;
  • agency - agents;
  • whistle - whistle;
  • distinct - or appear obvious;
  • quartermaster - quartermasters and so forth.

Features verification word

«cold evening and late" - the word verification in the example should be selected so that it was very close in value.After all, if you use similar, but completely different word, it can be quite easy to make a mistake and distort the meaning of the text.In this connection, we recommend a closer look at a rule that applies to this case.

So, to check the spelling unpronounceable or questionable consonants, you want to change the initial expression, or pick him cognate and similar in value, which after them is a vowel.This must be verified according to the most clearly pronounced.The efficiency of this selection can be seen by looking at the examples:

  • star - an asterisk;
  • crunch - crunches;
  • participant - participation;
  • Gazette - West and others.

As can be seen, the following vowel attached to the unpronounceable according to the maximum clarity.We select

verification word to the expression "Late»

word verification to that the expression should be selected on the same principle as in vyshepredstavlennyh examples.The main thing that the letter "e" could hear it most clearly.This can be quite any word, but with the same root.

Thus, the "lateness of the hour."Verification word is "belated", "late", "late", "tardiness" or "late".As you can see, after an unpronounceable consonant "d" in these terms is a vowel.This allows us to hear verifiable letter more clearly.

Other forms of the word "Late»

a similar way you can check not only the word "late", but its all forms, which also has unpronounceable consonants (the letter "d").For example, the following expressions: a late, late, late, late, and so on. Verification word for them will be performing all the same "belated", "late", "late", "tardiness", "late" and so forth.


Despite the fact that the word "late" is no exception to the rule about the spelling unpronounceable consonants in the root, they still should be submitted to your attention.After all, during the creation of a text sometimes there are such expressions, which it is impossible to find the right word verification.It should be noted that modern linguistics specialists are not able to logically and convincingly explain such a simple phenomenon.In this regard, they write them into the category of exceptions.

citing the example of a few of these words:

  • shine - shine or shine;
  • ladder - ladder;
  • splash - splash.

These words, it is desirable to remember, otherwise you'll have to think for a long time, why is it not subject to the usual rule for you.

Borrowed Words

should also be noted that a lot of unpronounceable consonants in the root are the so-called borrowed expression.They also recommended Remember: the incident, leatherette, transcendental, and so a precedent.


Now you know how to write the phrase "late": the letter "e" or without.To do this, we needed to choose a suitable word verification "belated", "late", "late", "delay", "too late."