Pushkin, "Madonna": analysis of a poem

all their love experiences, failures and successes spread on paper Pushkin."Madonna" refers to the love lyric poet, is one of the poems dedicated to Natalia Goncharova, wife of Alexander.Written on it was just six months before the wedding, in 1830.Pushkin repeatedly asks his chosen one to become his wife, and this time the consent.The poet is in a state of euphoria, preparing for the wedding, and looks forward to a happy and prosperous family life.

Natalia Goncharova with her parents briefly leaving Moscow, Alexander wrote her a letter, informing that the portrait hung in the house, "the blond Madonna", reminds him of the bride.She says that soon he will enjoy his wife, not the picture.These lines from a letter from a man so inspired that he wrote his famous work, "Madonna."Pushkin verse which exudes an atmosphere of harmony, peace and happiness, always dreamed of a happy marriage built on love and mutual respect.

In his poem, Alexander argues that it does not need old paintings of famous artists.He dreams of only one, which would have shown the perfect couple - "he was in the eyes of the mind, and it is with greatness."To live with his chosen in peace and long life - it's all dreamed about Pushkin."Madonna" - a picture of his future life, which the poet sees as if from outside.

It would seem that man really lucky, because Natalia is young enough educated, intelligent and beautiful.Alexander thanked God for having sent him so happy, without knowing that it will take quite some time, and it will be ready to terminate the engagement.The poem "Madonna" Pushkin wrote in expectation of a miracle, he hoped that his life with the advent of the family will change dramatically for the better.Goncharova was from a noble family, but impoverished, so the poet was an unpleasant surprise that along with the bride for him to hang a bunch of family debts.

between young there was a major scandal, Alexander even wrote in a letter that the bride is free from obligations to it.Despite some differences, the wedding did take place.It is known that after the wedding, no poem is not dedicated to his wife Pushkin."Madonna" appeared in front of him is not as holy and immaculate, so its image significantly faded.The poet was a very superstitious person, and it was a real blow to the fact that during the wedding in his hands a candle went out, and the bride dropped his wedding ring.These events are considered a bad omen Pushkin."Madonna" and there was only a picture of a happy family life.The poet loved his wife, and she remained to the last for him the most desirable woman on earth.Yet Alexander treated marriage as an inevitable penalty, but not the gift of heaven, and he was not mistaken in his apprehension.It is because of Natalia Goncharova, he went to a duel with Dantes, to defend the right to possess his wife.Perhaps if it were not for marriage, that Pushkin would have lived a long life ...