Epic novel "And Quiet Flows the Don": a summary of the chapters

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In Veshenskaia that Don land, born Soviet writer Mikhail Sholokhov."And Quiet Flows the Don", a summary of which will be presented in an article he wrote it about this region, homeland of proud and freedom of workers.About 800 characters involved in the work.The novel reflects the real fate of Cossack families, twisted iron whirlwind of World War I and the Civil War.We represent a summary of the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".

Over two hundred characters are shown under their real names in the plot woven actual events.Sholokhov, had a phenomenal memory, with the thoroughness of the artist for about twenty years Pap smear for creating a "Quiet Flows the Don".Summary of chapters supplemented with thousands of parts.Writer files are available from the statistics to the protocols of interrogations of the White Guard generals.Most of the heroes of the book featured a fictional but recognizable names.For example, brothers Shamili (really - it's not a name, and the street nickname) - Drozdov from farm Pleshak.But Veshensky Cossack Chernichkin who killed Commissioner is shown in the novel under a false name, and for good reason.In fact, his name borscht, and act - revenge for the shooting of prisoners of the Cossacks.If the actual course of events has emerged, a man would be shot.Gregory served as the prototype Melehova Harlampi V. Yermakov, who knew the writer personally.

try to describe the fragmentary novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".Summary of chapter opens with a description of the genus Gregory, since porphyria Melehova - grandfather married a Turkish woman.Prudent owner shows his father - Pantelei, attentive and thrifty - mother Vasilisa Ilinichna.Parents brought up sons Gregory, Peter and daughter Duniasha.Gregory Young falls in love with the wife of a neighbor Stepan Astakhov - Aksinya, the same, knowing that her husband was cheating on her with zholmerkami, Gregory responds in kind.Pantelei decided to separate the lovers, marrying the son of a Cossack girl Natalya Korshunova.With this knowledge begins trampled love life Gregory.

In the second part of the novel Grigory leaves his wife, despite the protests of parents, which the daughter liked.They Aksinya leave the farm and settle the workers from the landowner.Aksinia gives birth to a daughter.Gregory calls to the service, for the money, he buys a horse, Pantelei gives other equipment.Abandoned by his wife Natalya tries to kill himself oblique, but after spending more than six months between life and death, there is life.This ends the "peaceful" "Quiet Flows the Don".Summary, starting with the third chapter, is the front-line character, the protagonist painfully accustomed to bloody domestic war.Pledged personal moral principles do not allow Gregory to make low deeds.He fearlessly rebels against the brutal idleness Cossacks raped maid Fran tries to shoot Cossack Chubatov of senseless cruelty to prisoners.In the battle Melekhov is badly wounded, and home to his parents comes to funerals.But two weeks later the following letter from the front of the brother of Peter, telling that Gregory was alive and was awarded for the rescue officer.At this time in the hands of the dying of scarlet fever Aksinya Gregory's daughter - Tatyana.The son of a landowner, Eugene Listnitsky sent on vacation to injury, comes into contact with it.Gregory returned on leave to beat him with a whip and throwing Aksinya back to Natalia.

The fourth part of the novel - as frontline.The regiment is the machine gunner virtuoso Bunchuk secret member of the RSDLP for its military achievements, he received the rank of officer.Separate lighting deserves a front heroism Gregory Melehova.His place in the ranks of the regiment is now - around the flag.Full bow George Cross and four medals adorn the chest of the hero.Honor Cossack for him now - this is important, he boldly enters and smashing the Austrian rear, dzhigits behave wildly.At the same time he feels that the war robbed him of the old smile, aware that after the bloody military craft would be hard for him to look into the eyes of a child-friendly.Army dissatisfied with the leadership of the government of Kerensky.In Petrograd a revolution.

fifth part - after the war.Cossacks returned to the village.But none of them is former unity.Gregory is adjacent to the first sympathetic to the Bolsheviks.In the battle for the village, through the actions of two hundred horsemen, headed by Gregory, the Reds were victorious, capturing forty people.But presiding revkomitetom Podtyolkov shoot them.Whistleblowers Gregory then acts already against the Bolsheviks.In the spring of 1918 there is a split among the Cossacks: verhodontsy favor red, Nizovtsev - against.Brothers Melekhovs serve in the army of General Kornilov.Rebelled quiet Don.Summary of Chapter Next is a documentary objectivity.Cossack general does not receive support from the arrogant Denikin, Kornilov's army is doomed.Flipping novel.His sixth-eighth of the display picture of the Civil War on the Don.Dying brother Peter.Dies of typhus Pantelei.Ilinichna the last year of his life as a wife Aksinya takes his son Gregory.Junior Melekhov fighting with red, ably commanded the whole Cossack Division.Returning to the same family, he is pursued by her husband's sister Dunyasha, chairman of the Revolutionary Committee, fleeing the violence of red, adjacent to the gang.After her defeat with Aksinya decided to run, but they stumble upon a red requisition.A stray bullet kills Aksinya.

Scene Gregory experienced grief in which he saw a dazzling black sun - one of the strongest in the world literature.Returning to the threshold of the house, he raises his hands to his son Mishatku - the only remaining native soul.Only a child and the love for the native land can save this lost loved ones, crippled Iron Age man.On a poignant note ends with "The Quiet Don".Summary of chapters give a greater understanding of the effect, if it is supplemented by quotations.But ideally, of course, still need to read the book.

In the novel, there is a breakdown of community of the Cossacks - the existing mechanism for preserving centuries of the Christian state.The protagonist of the novel - Gregory Melekhov - certainly a colorful character, he - solid, sincere, it is felt, and a hard worker, and a knight seen the true nature of the Don Cossacks.In another turn of history people like Gregory, would have been a stronghold of the Russian state, getters his new fame.But Sholokhov artist introduces him in an iron XX century, a brutal trampling of people, their feelings, hopes of breaking.The work of Mikhail Sholokhov is so multifaceted, that the attempt to conclude a mile brings failure.Here findings - in the woods mushrooms.Each for himself that something might be found.We recommend that readers do not stop reading "Quiet Flows the Don".After all, these events only occur in an environment of citizens, lit a Muscovite Boris Pasternak's novel "Doctor Zhivago".Both of these books, which echo each other in the era covered in them, reflecting a realistic picture of suffering and misery, still teach love for the motherland.After all, as easy to understand words of Doctor Zhivago that a real man is obliged to share the fate of their land!