I do not want to sleep with her husband.

candy buketny period is always beautiful: a long romantic walks, kisses under the moon and calls every ten minutes on the cell phone.Enjoying this wonderful time, we are confident that it will be forever.But the gray monotony of life, which in the future hangs over the relationship, able to absorb even the most sincere and passionate love.Women are often at the same time do not want to close and try to avoid it in any way.

main reasons for

not want to sleep with her husband ... This problem is often affected in various forums concerned ladies.Their marital status unenviable comment on all and sundry, often mocking or cooled woman accusing her of frigidity.Instead of having to read all this nonsense, better to turn to a psychologist, who will talk about the main reasons for the reluctance.Experts have identified a number of pitfalls that stand in the way of your "sex" happiness:

  • stress.They did not allow his wife to relax and tune in.
  • Diet and acceptance of birth control pills.They can lower the level of libido.
  • Some traits husband rude, passivity, untidiness, poor hygiene practices.
  • hormonal changes the body in connection with the birth of the baby.

In these cases, the problem can be solved by abolishing the hormones, after waiting period until health is restored after birth, just to talk openly with a man on his way of life, habits and character.If the cause is not found, and the woman goes on to say: "I do not want to have sex with my husband!"- In this situation should be dealt with in detail.

If the husband is not macho

Perhaps the problem lies in this.A woman can not admit the man, his sexual ability, alas, does not give her the coveted pleasure.When they first met, she did not notice as much romance hiding.Going to the movies, candlelit dinners and "obnimashki" at every turn smoothed the rough edges, and you did not attach much importance to the incompatibility in bed.But now the scales fell from my eyes.And the woman is not entirely comfortable with the elect.And she silently asks himself the question: "I do not want my husband ... What should I do in this situation?"

Psychologists advise the girl to tell her just half that does not suit her.Together, the problem will be solved.If the reason - the lack of excitement, you can ask her husband to pay more attention to petting.Again let entice become playful, passionate.Man must remove the old family trunks, which used to lie in front of the TV, and put a frank and sexy lingerie.If the lady is not satisfied with the duration of sexual intercourse, it must be chosen to bring her to the peak of pleasure in another way: oral sex, for example.


This condition is familiar to every woman.It is 100% sure: the process is not stunning and enchanting, but where exactly be worked out, could not understand.She just does not like to go to bed, and she was doomed sighs: "I do not want to sleep with my husband ..." The result is easier to give up than to wrestle in search of failed and irritating moments of physical intimacy.

In this case, the lady still have to find time to sit down and find out.Since she herself except no one can solve the problem.If the husband is correct, careful, gentle, neat, I love cooking wife and respects her mother, the girl has to look for reasons deep within himself.Maybe she just needs a break or a variety of poses and in the field.Then, that there are no obstacles under the title "I do not want intimacy with her husband," you can skip to the sea or the mountains.Change the familiar atmosphere, new friends and adventures can revive the former passion and save the couple from an unwanted divorce.


Couple not converged in temperament: he wants to several times a day, and her two sex acts per week is absolutely enough.And when my husband again, "wishes" soul mate, she wanted to run aimlessly.The wife asks herself: "Why I do not want a husband?" She firmly knows the answer to this question - got it.Yes, it happens frequently.Tireless rabbit in the face of the faithful pesters a woman, even when the surrounding reality is not conducive to physical intimacy: she was busy in the kitchen and prepare a report to the conference.Or just not set up to go to bed here and now.Moreover Woman offended that she looks just as an object of lust, ignoring it received two university degrees, knowledge of Shakespeare in the original and written philosophical article.

There are two ways.The first - the wife refuses, but the risk in half a year to learn about the presence of the chosen mistress.Second - to agree, relax and enjoy.And it's the best way, because with age such moments will occur less and less.Anyway, enjoy what you want.Many women have this state of affairs can only envy.


woman who used to say: "I do not want to have sex with her husband" is often something missing.Psychologists say: lack of communication can lead to the fact that the feelings between husband and wife grow cold.In this case, the pair needs to spend more time together as much as possible: a weekend to go on picnics, at the same time to take a vacation and time off.If you have children, it is better to leave with my grandmother, that husband and wife can fully enjoy common pastime.

Men, it should be taking active part in the private life of his wife, to share her interests, to support plans to engage in a common hobby.Do not worry, cross stitching head of the family are not forced, but to look together is quite a romantic melodrama in his power.Moreover, it will lead to the delight of the lady, it's a new look at the relationship in marriage, especially their physical side.Chosen worth taking active part in the housework, go shopping together and help children with homework.Thus, it will relieve her everyday life: the lady will not get tired, desire for intimacy at the same time she will appear much more often than before.


They develop from childhood and prevent the beautiful half of humanity to live and love.Any physical defect causes the wife ashamed of their bodies.And at the next bachelorette party to tell your friends: "I do not want to sleep with my husband!"She may avoid intimacy if it is too small or large breasts, scar on the abdomen or crooked legs.To convince his wife that her love for what it is, sometimes it is very difficult.If the lady is so fixated on the problem, you can fix the defect by surgery.Pomomzhet and psychological counseling that teaches a woman to love yourself no matter what.

chill in relations may appear even when she feels the lack of their sexuality, beauty, skill seductress.She is ashamed of flabby tummy and silently jealous fit beauties, which stare Cavalier.To feel confident coquette lady should play sports, eat properly and enroll geisha.This will radically change its attitude toward sex - in a positive way.

lover - is the way out?

this way, trying to cut the Gordian knot, many women.They think: if the husband does not cause proper emotion and sexual desire, they should look elsewhere.And then, as if by magic, the office comes a new employee: smart, beautiful, elegant, smiling.My husband is losing badly in comparison with it, especially if you remember the dump dirty socks under the bed or his habit of picking his nose.Therefore, the new employee a magnet girl, promising her heavenly mountains in the form of care, love and, of course, high quality sensual sex.

woman thinks, "I love you, but do not want a husband. I will not get divorced, but I can please herself."But Worth It?Many ladies, having tasted the forbidden fruit, say - no.Firstly, we need strict conspiracy that takes a lot of time, effort and money.Secondly, remorse will not sleep at night.Third, the lover would be the same man, prone to dispersal socks.So bring on the side of the gentleman unprofitable.

Four justified "no"

not want to sleep with her husband ... How often heard from friends, employees, or even from home mom.The problem is as old as the world, and it is often the woman is not to blame.Agree, it is one thing to go to bed with your partner, when you are carrying the burden of care is not about the house and children.It's quite another when torn into a million pieces, and to have time to go to work, and a family to feed, all perestirat, peregladit and get last.After this marathon you just want to fall into bed and did not move.At the same time attempts to seduce her husband's cause nervous convulsions and fits of aggression.

sexologists say that there are four arguments for the benefit of women who do not want to force to make love:

  • blunting sensations that cause depression and dissatisfaction.
  • Decreased libido, development of frigidity.
  • appearance of gynecological problems.
  • loss of attractiveness.

And that did not happen, try to find the cause of your coldness and solve it by the methods described above.

What if you do not want to have sex with her husband?

If none of the above does not work, you need to go the other way.The most effective, fail-safe and useful technique is the ability of psychologists to fall in love again with the elect.Make it quite difficult, especially when behind ten years of living together and a couple of kids in the next room.That all happened, psychologists recommend to focus on the positive qualities of the spouse.The wife should note that he has a very strong sexual hands, but close eye on the hanging "ears" of fat on the sides.Although hint at problems in the figure is required.It is better if you attend the training together.

"I do not want my husband what to do?" - She asks herself.At the same suspects: one has only to remember the candy buketny period, as a feeling of warmth and tenderness razol—Ďtsya throughout the body.She needed to re-imagine those moments when he looked into the eyes of lovers, kissing his hands, made an offer, was on duty at the windows of the hospital and launched fireworks at the birth of first child ... These memories will understand that the closer a person is not.Love is revived, and with it the passion and desire for intimacy, and the thirst for new sexual experiments.