The origin and meaning of the name Inessa

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These days, when everyone has the opportunity to find out any information, young mothers and fathers responsibly preparing for the emergence of the baby.Parents choose for your child's name Inessa, whose origin is Greek, can be very difficult in the education of girls, or, on the contrary, the child will bring only joy and peace of mind.

origin of the name

If you think about what the meaning of the name Inessa, you need to turn to its origins.According to one version, it is a form of Agnes Greek, which means "pure".According to others, the name of Inessa was formed in France by the Spanish version Ines, or Ynez, and then sold around the world.Even the name is treated as "rough."But this is not the only version, as it is translated also as "purposeful."

Character Inessa

Now the question arises: what is it about a woman who bears that name?And why it can give a completely opposite feelings?

On the one hand, this name brings femininity, softness and tenderness.It is able to give people the kindness and warmth.The girl lives trying to reach great heights, but her desire to be a leader can bring a lot of problems.On the other hand, it could explode on any occasion.This woman - a hurricane.Her character can be compared with a tight string guitar.If the string is strung with love - Inessa gentle and calm, she reaches out to people, as people are drawn to it.But if to touch the string inexperienced hand, the answer can be obtained such an emotional explosion that ever discourage the desire to ever see this woman.

girl character depends, in what time of the year she was born.Inessa, born in the winter, always confident that enables it to achieve its goals.She succeeds in everything, so it comes easily to any business.

Summer Inessa bit shaky, and her indecision much knocks the target.So this girl later married and give birth to children only when it is fully confident in their abilities and capabilities.

Inessa childhood

What Inessa grow?The mystery of the name lies somewhere deep, and many parents may be interested.After all, it is thanks to the correct name of the selected child will be able to reach certain heights in life and profession.

From childhood calm and even-tempered little girl pleases his parents and does not bring any problems.Inessa often resembles in appearance with her mother, but the character will inherit from his father.The school girl is capable and hardworking than deserves the respect of teachers.With their peers, she is sociable and friendly, so it makes a lot of true friends.

worth slightly grow as her character completely may change.In adolescence, it becomes stubborn and excitable.Quarrels become for her an integral part of life.Thus the behavior of Inessa pushes away loved ones, so it has almost no true friends.Her emotions, self-esteem and a desire to be independent often lead to the breakdown of relationships with the opposite sex.While mixing with men Inessa valued more than women.

Family Inessa

As already mentioned, the value of the name of Inessa - "stormy."It is this trait can bring confusion on the part of the husband.Upon reaching adulthood, she wants to get away from their parents and live on their own, and maybe even get married.But her love of independence will never lead to living together with the parents of the spouse.It will always strive to live in their own world.Her husband Inessa is with awe and love and is waiting for the response of feelings, like every normal woman.It will never be with a man who makes her suffer, so the choice of the future spouse fits with extreme caution and not rush headlong to marry him.

often manifests commitment - this is the second meaning of the name Inessa.Such a woman can achieve anything you want, but the main thing for her - spousal support and understanding of family.Inessa does not possess economic, cooking - not at all for her, and it makes it difficult to receive visitors at home.

Occupation Inessa

For now know many women who have justified the value of the name of Inessa.They reached those heights to which aspired.It is a famous fashion model Kuntcevich Inessa, Inessa designer Kiryanov.These girls are characterized by their confidence in themselves and in their abilities.

knows his own worth, emotional and extravagant Inessa can make significant progress in the work, or any other matter.Value name Inessa can lead her to such professions as designer, artist, actress.Also from the girls can get a great teacher or a journalist.She is not afraid to take risks, so persistently moves towards its goal, but it is worth it "stumble" - and it is on time can put your hands down.Of course, not for long, because its aspirations and self-confidence she could do not to worry about anything.