Sleeping Beauty can not be treated

Englishwoman Lily Clark was only 17 years old when it began to happen very strange things.Active and fun before the girl, a student, around the world prefer to sleep ....Three years have passed and the situation has not changed

parents, brothers and friends called the 15-year-old Briton Louise Ball "sleeping beauty", but it is not a compliment.In fact, the girl's life is not like a fairy tale - it suffers from an incredibly rare disease that leads to abnormal sleep disturbances.

Lily Clark - the usual British girl.But in the 17 years her life drastically changed.She sleeps all the time, waking only to eat and drink.Do not remember the friends, the past, and worst of all - put her diagnosis in just three years almost uninterrupted sleep.

Her mother said: "Three years ago, she came to the rink and complained about the" strange feeling in my head. "I decided that her daughter caught a cold.But Lily ... fell asleep for 25 days, waking up is very rare to have a drink.Naturally, we were in a panic.No doctor could not understand what was happening to her.Three years of endless consultations, research, and no diagnosis.It was assumed that as shown migraine, depression, but I saw that the doctors at a loss.Miraculously, I myself learned about the disease Louise Ball and realized that my daughter the same thing happens.Only in 2011, Lily was diagnosed with "Kleine-Levin syndrome."

She sleeps 23 hours a day.Her wake to feed, drink, be reduced to the toilet.According to his mother, when Lily does not sleep, it behaves like a little child - afraid to be alone, thumb-sucking, not parted with a teddy bear."There is no treatment of the doctors we do not offer.It's just not.But we know from the "sleeping sickness" people were cured spontaneously, and look forward to it, "says his mother Lily.

terrible tale "Sleeping Beauty" Louise Ball

"Sleeping Beauty" scientists can not vylechitDevushka, which clarified the description of the disease state of Lily Clark, also from England.My parents, brother and friends called the 15-year-old Briton Louise Ball "sleeping beauty", but it is not a compliment.In fact, the girl's life is not like a fairy tale - it suffers from an incredibly rare disease that leads to abnormal sleep disturbances.Louise can sleep two weeks in a row.And it is very difficult to wake up.

Because of her illness she feels like life is passing her, and no night dreams do not compensate for the brightness of the actual events."Sleeping Beauty" misses school exams and your favorite dance lessons, does not go on vacation with his family and does not celebrate Christmas, and sometimes wake up, even his birthday.

disease suffered by Louise Ball, called Kleine-Levin syndrome.This is a sleep disorder, a type of hypersomnia, most often seen in adolescents and is characterized by episodes of abnormal sleepiness, which can last for several weeks.It is also called "sleeping beauty syndrome", but abnormal sleep disorder is not limited: it is accompanied by bouts of bulimia and uncontrolled aggression before going to sleep and after waking up.

first time Louise fell into a dream week in October 2008.This was preceded by the disease, is very similar to the symptoms of regular flu."About a week she temperatures and suffered from headaches - says the girl's mother.- No medication is not helping.She never recovered completely.Only later we learned that it is a disease state characterized by syndrome Kleine-Levin, it just precedes another bout of sleep. "But before Louise put a definitive diagnosis, she and her family had the opportunity to experience a lot of unpleasant feelings and fears.After an illness, which took over the family flu girl looked haggard, began to fall asleep in school, and her speech is at times becomes quite incoherent, as if she were talking in her sleep.Parents took her daughter to the pediatrician to the local clinic, and he frankly admitted that he never met before such cases.Louise passed a complete physical examination, which showed no physiological abnormalities.Then the doctor suggested that her unusual condition may be due to hormonal surges of puberty.

By the time the girl has already started to carry out a dream for ten days.After 22 hours of uninterrupted sleep woke her parents to feed and reduce the toilet.During these brief awakenings of their daughter behaved like a sleepwalker, and then again fell asleep instantly."Woke her was very difficult, almost impossible, but we knew that we should give her some food and water, - says the father of Louise Richard.- We are in a hurry, literally stuffed into her food while she was still able to swallow it.But the daughter fell asleep right before our eyes, her head on his shoulder and falling on the table. "

If the girl to wake up sleepy during the attack, it will move, walk and even talk, but then again fell asleep and spent there a week or ten days, no thought of his waking.

About what disease it suffers Louise, became known only in March last year, when the parents took her to specialists.Kleine Levin syndrome is incurable, and scientists still do not know what factors contribute to its development.The most common hypothesis attributes this sleep disorder with a dysfunction of the hypothalamus - part of the brain responsible for sleep and appetite.Hypersomnia are more prone to boys than girls.In some cases, patients are cured by themselves, when mature, others with time reduced sleep attacks and unpleasant symptoms disappear between.

Richard Ball and Lottie, who besides Louise there is a 14-year-old son, had never heard of the syndrome Kleine-Levin.No treatment for those suffering from this syndrome does not exist, although some physicians have prescribed in these cases, the exciting means to maintain patients in the active state.Louise first, too, offered to drink tablets, but it did not help.Now she spends in a trance for 12 days in a row."We have learned to identify an attack coming on.If Louise becomes irritable and eats a lot, then it will start soon, "- he shares his experience Richard Ball.Most of the girl suffering from the fact that she is unable to take part in exciting and important developments with his family.

¬ęBecause of his illness, it lags behind other students miss tests, so it is going through, - says her mother.- We hope that when the time comes to final exams, the school administration agreed to allow her to pass in between them sleep. "

Syndrome "Sleeping Beauty¬Ľ

Syndrome Kleine-Levine - an extremely rare neurological disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of excessive sleepiness and behavior problems.Patients sleep most of the day (up to 20 hours, and sometimes longer), waking only to eat and go to the toilet, become irritable or aggressive, if they were not allowed to sleep.In patients experiencing confusion, disorientation, fatigue, apathy.Patients are unable to attend school or work, take care of themselves, bedridden.Characterized by cognitive impairment, possible amnesia for the event, hallucinations, dreamlike state.Most patients complain that everything they think "out of focus", hypersensitivity to noise and light.

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