How to clean the registry in Windows 7 manually: a brief guide

So today we will talk with you about how to clean the registry in Windows 7 manually.It's pretty interesting to do, which will help us to stabilize the operating system.In addition, this process - a great assistant in the liberation of free space on your hard drive.Let's quickly see how the cleaning of the registry of Windows 7 manually.

initial stage

Well, not immediately note that any manipulation associated with the operating system and its configuration, can go sideways to all users.So our current idea requires some training.Which one?Now we will understand it.

To begin, save your personal data.When something goes wrong, the integrity of your files at risk.Once you have made sure of the documents can not be afraid, you can think about how to clean the registry in Windows 7 manually.

The first thing we need to get into it.This will help us to function "execute".It can be found in the "Start" button, or simply press Win + R. The line appeared want to write a command that opens us to the registry.This "regedit".Click "Start" and wait for a while.Before you open the window, which will be called the system registry.Now it is possible to think what to do next.Cleaning the registry of Windows 7 will not take a lot of time, especially if you know where to click.


So, here we were with you in the service we need.Before starting to work and think about how to clean the registry in Windows 7, it's best to play it safe and to create a so-called backup.Now we will learn how to do it.

To clean Windows registry manually 7 was successful and did not cause any concern for the integrity of the data we have to click on "File" and then choose "Export."In the range, select the "Register All" and press to save the document.It is best to place it on your desktop, and then re-record on removable media.After you complete this step, carefully read the service window.The right side shows the individual elements of the folder, and the left - folders themselves.You just get to know them - they are long and incomprehensible title.

Now that the preliminary preparation is complete, you can begin to work.Now we'll see how clean the registry in Windows 7 manually.We'll start with you with the most interesting and fun lessons.


If you are thinking how to remove the registry of Windows 7 (or rather, all the "junk" out), it is necessary to start with cleansing the system from remote programs.Lesson is, frankly, quite "fun."Especially when you remember that you once it was established.Strain your memory and remember all of the applications that they could settle in the registry.

To start, double-click on the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and then go to the Software.There will be a list of programs that have only stayed in the registry.So do not be alarmed if you suddenly forgotten the name or developer of any application.Here you will find everything that could be in the system.

highlight the desired folder, and then click on the button Del.Delete all files ever uninstall.This will help you get rid of unnecessary hassle.After it is conceivable that more is required if we clean the Windows registry manually 7.


Well, we are continuing our work with you.Now to get rid of unnecessary files in the operating system, we should look for the rest of the application documents for the title "bend".Just click the register Ctrl + F, and then type in the search box to the desired name.

In fact, this process does not take much of your time.After you wait for the results of the search, just delete all the files displayed in the right pane.Next, we need to make from a few fairly simple steps that will help to implement idea.


Now we have to clean up your startup options, and then see the end result.Now we look at how to do it.

To begin, go to the folder located at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Current Version.After that, you want to go to Run, and then delete all the files available.Ready?Then follow the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Current Version, and then do the same thing as last time.

Now we can say that the case is completed.If you restart your computer, you may notice that the hard disk space that is freed.So cleaning the registry manually Windows 7 is not in vain.

In fact, the "manual" method is very good if your operating system is infected by some computer infection.But in other cases, as a rule, people prefer more advanced measures to combat "cluttering up" the system.Now that we already know how to clean the registry manually in Windows 7, let us introduce ourselves to you with a fun and easy way.


As already mentioned, the "manual" work with the registry - this is the case "dusty" and rather long.Well it helps with viruses.Especially when these should register in the startup.But if you are thinking how to simplify your work, you can take advantage of specialized programs.

most popular application - Ccleaner.It is free and easily downloaded from the Internet.Simply install it and then run.A few mouse clicks - and all the cases.

To start configure the application.To do this, set the scan settings in the left pane.It is best to put a checkmark in the browser and all partitions.Once you get your job done, look at the right-hand side of the window.Down here, you'll see the "Analyze".Click on it, and then wait for the results.It remains only to click on the "Clear" and then look at the result.That's all.Now that you know how to clean the registry system.