Heating pad - to keep warm in the freezing cold!

prerequisite for the creation of this instrument became the inconvenience, accompanied the soldiers of the First World War in the winter time.When the fighting took place in the snow-covered areas, the soldiers often suffered from frostbite and hypothermia limbs.After four years of the war it was invented first samples of devices, called "heating pad".


The principle of the device was to use the catalytic reaction - flameless oxidation of alcohol or gasoline.Options such "smart" devices were a few, but we all had common features, chief among which was the platinum lining.It was in the tank, the packed wool, which, in turn, is impregnated with alcohol.The metal body warmers were drilled for the supply of air to the catalyst.

now available in a wide range of various heaters, they apply in the tourism, sport, hunting or fishing, and provide heating for personal rights, as well as for heating small spaces (tents, huts).In Soviet times produced heating pad HA-1, it has been able to generate heat to a temperature of 60 degrees, and thus worked from eight to fourteen hours.

device and operating principles

heating pad design is a body made of metal.It approximately corresponds to the size of the palm of an adult male.Inside there is a tank attached to the neck of the container, the catalyst, and in it - wadding impregnated with gasoline.Closes throat tight lid, it has holes for air entry to the catalyst.

During refueling gasoline permeates wool, and then in the process of evaporation is oxidized on the catalyst.During this reaction, and allocate the necessary heat.
catalyst is a platinum plate, located inside the fine metal mesh fixed to the neck warmer.


Put the burner on a flat surface.Then, using a special watering, which is set to enter the necessary amount of fuel for cigarette lighters or any other with the highest degree of purity (in any case can not fill the car with petrol!).Leica necessarily be secured with special clamps to prevent leakage.After removing the watering can, in its place put the catalyst.Make sure that no fuel spilled on the case, the device can heat a lighter or a match.To the required temperature, the catalyst warm up for 5-10 seconds.

Care warmer

for long work, as well as any other thing, the device requires careful maintenance, but fortunately, this need not apply to the service.Care heater made quite simple: it is necessary before each new filling shake remaining fuel from the tank.And eventually, when the catalyst surface becomes dirty, it should warm up for one to two minutes over a flame gas stove.This will be provided by the previous state of the device.Heating pad again be heated to a maximum temperature.

domestic and foreign counterparts

Today the market has a huge variety of catalytic heaters of various companies and producing countries.We look at two: a national sample, the other - imported.

Warmer catalyst HA-1 - a completely Russian development.It is made very soundly and qualitatively, the hallmark of a catalyst made entirely of platinum.This feature guarantees the durability of the device - up to 25 years.Burner tank volume of 12 to 30 milliliters provides the full filling up to 14 hours.Complete it with a comfortable funnel dispenser.

Kovea - heating pad Korean manufacturer.She decades confidently takes a leading position in the global markets, along with the products of American companies.The quality of all the elements is not the slightest doubt, and will provide you with a comfortable use at a fairly compact size.A distinctive feature of Korean warmers is also ergonomically designed.This charm is very pleasant to hold, in full running order, it weighs only 100 grams, while working up to 20 hours.The volume of the burner is 24 milliliters.In addition to the standard set in the form of a funnel in the kit there is also a very convenient bag for warmer.


If you are an avid fisherman, hunter, sportsman or simply a lover of travel, catalytic gasoline heater will be a great help in all travel, not only to provide the necessary comfort, but also save time and money.Being easy to use, it also serves as a very cheap and safe source of heat, so necessary for a person.Even in the warm season (especially near the reservoir) the night is pretty cool, and a compact hot-water bottle, you can warm up cold hands or to provide a comfortable environment in their tent.

I should add that the essential element to make full use of this device is a special case because during very hot catalytic heater.His hands hold it for a long time is unlikely to succeed, since the heating temperature reaches 60 degrees.Cases are usually included many hot water bottle, but if you is not got it, do not despair: it can be made of thick material.The main thing that was not synthetic fabric.

warmers cost varies depending on the company and country of origin.Common Chinese devices can cost from 200 rubles, and high-quality analog - to 1,500, and sometimes even higher.It is worth noting that there is another important difference.The more expensive heating pad, the less it consumes fuel and releases less odor of gasoline during use.This happens for the reason that it is made of better materials.