What dream boat: Dream Book

Who among us would not want a hot summer day, a fast ride on the lake or river on boat?What if the water is the vehicle we dreamed a dream?We offer search interpretations night vision in some of the most accurate and well-known dream books.

What dream boat: Dream Book Gustav Miller

If you dream that you are in a boat in the company of other rowers, the reality in the near future, you expect a good time in the company of people who know a lot about entertainment andpleasures.The overturned boat warns about the risk of financial loss associated with your participation in a precarious, but very tempting business.If you have participated in competitions in rowing and won, it will be very popular with the opposite sex.Sail on a boat on calm water - to the self-confidence and capabilities.Rowing on the river with a swift current - to a series of reckless actions, which in the future will cause you a sense of regret and disappointment.Exceptionally favorable dream it considered if you are surrounded by friends to board a ship, boat or other watercraft.This vision predicts great success.

What to expect if dreamed of a boat: the dream book Miss Hasse

According to the information from the source, which I saw in a dream boat promises you a new love affair.Swim in it - to a variety of temptations, which ultimately may result in betrayal.Sinking the boat promises a speedy end of the current relations with the opposite sex.

old French dream book: Boat

River with shiny clean water and sailing on her boat promise a great love of the dreamer.If you dream you are floating on the rough river with dangerous rapids, in all situations can rely on his loyal friends who will never let you fail.If the boat is wrecked or stranded, such a vision is seen as a bad sign, promising misfortune.

Boat dream: Great Universal Dream

boating with your loved one - to the rapid bonding of your relationship by marriage.Your family unit is very strong and happy.If you are floating on the muddy water, then you expect a failure in business.

dreamed Boat: Dreams of future

If you are floating in a boat surrounded by cheerful company, you will find well-being and success.If you except the boats in this empty, you will face a longing and loneliness.Dirty river, on which it is necessary to sail, predicts the probability of failure in any case begun.

What if dreamed of the boat: Dream book from A to Z

According to the compilers of this collection, dreamed inverted boat lying on the shore, is a harbinger of loneliness and sadness.Nice boats moored next to promise a lot of love and happiness in family life.If you are floating on a quiet surface of a picturesque pond or lake, it probably craving to plunge into a new love affair.Boating in bad weather - to adultery.Fall out from it - a rather amusing misunderstanding.